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Fired Architecture

No description

Jenifer Alba

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Fired Architecture

Foundation Nader's Mission Ray Meeker Nader Khalili Fired Houses “Every man and woman should be able to build a shelter for his or her family with these universal elements, almost anywhere on the earth and other planets” More images Jenifer Alba Geltaftan Process •A kiln-like structure is formed
•All windows are temporarily shut to close off the house
•A torch is lit and fire the house at around 1000C
o(fire lasts the entire day)
•Used lime-clay and bricks for support •Iranian Born
•Created “Superadobe” and “Ceramic Houses”
•Use “Geltaftan Earth and Fire Process”
•Wanted to help the poor and provide them shelter. •Learn about Ceramic Houses from a translated book by Nader Khalili
•Started on a 13 year project
•Learned how to make Fired Houses through trial & error Fired Houses provided many with durable, safe, well insulated, and inexpensive shelter. Superadobe house Works Cited "About Nader Khalili ARCHITECT AND AUTHOR."Cal-Earth The California Institute of Earth Art andArchitecture. Cal-Earth Inc./Geltaftan Foundation, n.d. Web. 30 May 2013. <http://calearth.org/about/about-nader-khalili.html>.
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"The Sandbag Shelters of Nader Khalili."EarthbagBuilding.com. N.p.. Web. 1 Jun 2013. <http://www.earthbagbuilding.com/projects/sandbagshelters.htm>.
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