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No description

Ella stewart

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of Parris

Parris Goebel
ReQuest dance crew
The palace dance studio
When Parris was about 17 she made the palace dance studio with the help of her father,Brett Goebel.The palace only teachers hip hop and 6 crews that compete at competitions run under the palace.There is Bubblegum,Inlaws,Sorority,Misfits,Royal Family and ReQuest.For the past 4years Bubblegum,Soroity,Misfits,ReQuest and the Royal family have qulafied and competed at hip hop internationel.Everyone who dances at the palace will be getting taught by some of the leading choreographers.
Parris has her own style of dance and she calls it polyswagg.Parris says polyswagg is Polynesian and swagg put together.she has also made up a sign that the crews use called crowns up .Parris says that crowns up means to treat yourself like royalty because you are much more than you think.
Siblings:Parris has a brother Jarek and two sisters Kendal and Narelle.She is also an aunty to 5 nephews.

The start of her
ReQuests achievements
2011:ReQuest was the first crew out side north America to compete on Americas best dance crew season 6.They were eliminated in week 4.

2012:Parris was hired by Jennifer Lopez to choregraph her dance gain world tour.ReQuest then performed with Lopez on the season 11 final of american idol and featured in Lopez's music video for the single (Goin In).Parris also performed with Request and some of the royal family on dancing with the stars!

ReQuest and the royal family have toured all around the world doing shows and work shops.In 2012 6 of the ReQuest girls were in the Cirque Du Soleil show, Michael Jackson ONE .
Parris started dancing formally at the age of 10. Her mother enrolled her into a performing arts school in ballet, jazz and tap classes. But she didn't last long at any of these dance styles. One hip hop class at the age of 11, she was hooked to express her style of dancing known as polyswagg.
When Parris was 15 she was offered a spot in a dance crew but declined the offer so she could make her own crew up just with her friends called ReQuest!

In 2009 ReQuest qualified for the world hip hop champions in Las Vegas and got a gold medal in the varsity division.They qualified again for HHI in 2010 and won another gold medal. They are the first ever crew to win back to back gold medals.
Hip Hop internationel
So fair all of the crews have won 8 Gold medals,3 silver and 2 bronze.Recantly Bubblegum competed at HHI this year hoping to defend there title of back to back gold medal in the jounior divtion but the end results gave bubblegum a silver but the royal family who have also won back to back gold in the mega crew divison were hoping to defend thier thrown and that is exactly what they did.The first ever crew to win back to back to back gold in history.As for the other crews sorority won bronze in the varstiy divition, In Lawas and misfits did not compete at HHI 2013.

Next year the crews will be back going for gold except one.The Royal Family who will not be returning to HHI 2014 as they are happy with making history.
Parris achievements

2007: Parris lead ReQuest to second in the SDNZ nationals witch is the quailfyng comp for HHI.
2008: Parris was a 2008 show cast member in Monsters of Hip Hop and is now a member of the Faculty that teaches all through the USA.

Name: Parris Goebel
Age: 22
Birthday: October 29th 1991
Parents: Her mum's name is Leeann
and her dad's is Brett also known as big poppa to dancers.Parris thinks she is more like her dad,always destemind to get some where but never cleans things like her mum.
Social life: Parris dosent have time for social life as she is always over seas and away from family.

Successful at: Dance
Idol: Parris most admires Oprah Winfrey because She has been able to change people's mindsets all around the world.
Born: Ackland nz
2013: Winning back to back to back gold medal at HHI and getting ask to be in the step up 5 movie.
2012: Goebel was hired by Jennifer Lopez to choreograph her ‘Dance Again World Tour
Parris has done so much more with the help of Request,the royal family and the palace
She was awarded the 2012 World of Dance Female Choreographer of the year in the USA.
The End
This year I was lucky enough to meet Parris and all her crews. I also got to go to the palace in Auckland.
I think Parris is such a great role model to everyone and she has made me more confident in my dance and other peoples around the world. She shows that no matter who you are you can make history.
Parris wants to keep on teaching at the palace and around the world.The ultimate job for her would be to dance for artists like Missy Elliot, Beyonce and Lady Gaga.When she looks back in 30 years time Parris will always remember winning the world championship and ReQuest becoming full-time dancers.Parris says, " We are living the dream each day ".
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