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Central Africa

No description

Kristan Clayton

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of Central Africa

Central Africa
By:Kristan And Austin Traditional People Popular Culture Visit?? Physical Geography
Goverment No,I would not like to visit there.
Because it's like a wild life. There
are gorillas and elephantes there.
The goverment dosent care about
it's people.None of there countries
relative stability but cameroon.
This is why I would not like to
visit there. Moving toward demarcracy/
republic 70% of the
population are living outlying areas.

Distribution of income extraoradinarily
unequal. More then 80 ethnic groups
speak french and sango.The
constitution was passed by the
fediration adopted in January,
and was suspended in March. The countries in this region are
Cameroon, Congo,Gabon, Central-
African Republic, SaoTome and Principe,
Chad, Equltorial Guinea Democratic Republic
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