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Loyalist Migration and its impact on Canadiens

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Dylan Jackson

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of Loyalist Migration and its impact on Canadiens

Loyalist Migration and its impact on Canadiens
Loyalists and its impact on first nations
the loyalists were mostly farmers, and their arrival marked a shift in the reason that Britain negotiated treaties.for an example in1779 Britain concluded a treaty with the mi'kmaq people to secure their support during the american war of independence. Between 1781 and 1792, Britian concluded land treaties with the first nations of the niagara peninsula. The royal bproclamation of 1763 required this. In territory it had declared "Indian territory.
1789 Revolution in France become a Republic.
The war of 1812
The war of 1812 was a fight between the united states and British North America, but it was really part of the Napoleonic wars in Europe.In 1812, t5he napoleonic wars triggered a conflict in North America. As part of its war agains France..
The arrival of the loyalists greatly increased the number of British people in Quebec. Before the arrival of the loyalists Quebec had very few British settlers. however by 1790 British people made up about 10 percent of Quebec population.
In 1789, France had a revolution. It had violently dethroned its monarch and become a republic. This made many monarchs in Europe nervous.
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