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Spine label production (Reclassification Project)

No description

Amjad Husain

on 9 January 2017

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Transcript of Spine label production (Reclassification Project)

Local production of
Spine labels for

The problem
The Steps involved
The steps involved ... continued
After spine labelling ...
Needed efficient way of producing 250,000 + spine labels

Manual production of spine labels by copy & pasting from Millennium
Using spine label module
Customised Perl Script (Use Microsoft Excel & Mail merge to produce labels)
Create list of all Bib Records which need spine labelling (with 094 TAGS)
Convert to an ITEM list within the correct locations (exclude lost/missing items)
Export this list from Millennium using a saved export (Standardised format for Perl Script)
Sufficient information to match exact item to spine label
Amjad Husain (Chief Library Assistant)
The exported file was imported into Excel
List sorted by 091 column order
-Spine labels printed in old classmark order
Spreadsheet columns tidied
Saved as tab delimited .txt file
Perl Script used to process the information & produce spine labels
PERL Script & spine label production
Final steps in labelling
Occasional problems encountered
Labels divided into manageable bundles & given to library staff
Books pulled off shelves in order of spine labels & labels attached
Mopping up
- Spine labels without books
(Reclass missing + trap note)
- Books without spine labels
(Investigated further)
The Library catalogue updated using create lists & global update

BIB record
091 --> 092
094 --> 091

ITEM record
BIB 091 --> Item 091
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