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Wednesday, September 13th

No description

William Barber

on 20 September 2017

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Transcript of Wednesday, September 13th

Thursday, September 15th
Work Period: Practice with this ladder using your worksheet.
M: In your seat
V: Level 0
P: Answer the following on your Do Now Sheet

Do Now- When hearing the term the metric system? What do you know? Do we use it in the U.S.?

If worksheet is completed before class is done, then do not need to finish
If it is not completed finish the conversions after school to be handed in at the beginning of class on Wednesday.
1st rule- Determine starting method
2nd- Count the "leaps" to your starting point
3rd- Move the decimal the same amount of jumps in the same direction
How to use the ladder?
8 km=_________cm

How many jumps does this take?
*Glue a cutout of this model into your notebook
Accountability Posters
Read aloud and see if we all agree.
Add any additional thoughts
Review Lab Safety Quiz
In groups of 4 you're going to pick an object this can be something living or nonliving.
This object cannot be larger than 150 feet
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