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Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare

No description

BDTurner 1234

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare

Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare
PvZ one and two tralers
plants vs zombies has three kinds of games PvZ,PvZ 2 and PvZ garden warfare.
PvZ Garden warfare has many different
type's of modes and many characters.
This game has many things to do in it adding crazy Dave and Dr. Zomboss.
Stickers and upgrades
PvZ Garden Warefare has stickers that you
can get though sticker packs and upgrades.
When you start the game you get sticker packs
for starting but then you have to get coins to
buy them.

plants and zombies
There are many different plants and zombies including different maps and
new abilities and a new map called
Zomboss down

Gnome bomb
Gnome bomb is a game were
the plants and zombies fight
for the power of the gnome it's
power is perfect for destroying
each other's garden or graveyard.
Rfm767 vs zombies
This person is the #1 source for PvZ
stuff and has a lot of videos. AND

the end
hope you enjoyed
foot soldier
camo ranger
tank commander
general supremo
super commando
arctic trooper
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