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No description

Harvey Buckle

on 13 November 2015

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Transcript of Fuels

Look at page 214 and describe gas as a fuel.
Oil is a l____ f_____. It is made from dead m_____ life that got buried and changed when under h____ and p______. It can be changed into petrol or g______ for c____ by a process called f_______ d_______ as well as other things like Bitumen for roads.
C______ is s solid fuel. It is made form d___ p____s that got b___d and changed under ____ and pr_____ over _______s of years. It can be burned to make heat and l____.
Biofuels - Biomass
Biofuels - Biogas
Other options?
Digesters anyone?
Is it possible that we could ALL have a digester. Make a plan to make your own digester
Fossil fuels
The future?
Fuels under the microscope
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