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The Intercultural Communication Center

Communication Solutions

Camila Wasserbach

on 26 August 2012

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Transcript of The Intercultural Communication Center

The Intercultural
Communication Center Intercultural Communication Tourism Be Intercultural competent
Achieve CQ Today's world is more global than ever and cross-cultural differences impact every function of an organization and its people So let us help you succeed in a global world To increase your productivity
save time and money
improve employee and customer Satisfaction empower your teams get to know other people, cultures and values
manage diversity in a positive and constructive way Programs in Israel Tel Aviv, Bauhaus and Arts Sociopolitical Projects Connecting with Entrepreneurs
from around the world Intercultural Communication trip
for companies
Intercultural Communication Trip
with children enjoy a global world... or follow us on The Intercultural Communication Center check our website Diversity ic-center.net We are convinced that Intercultural Communication
an effective way is, to make our world a better place to live in. A group of more than 13 professionals World Wide collaborate with us in the areas of Intercultural Communication, Religions, Languages, Business and Tourism. We believe in Team Work and cooperation We always communicate, even when we don't "communicate" Communication is
ME reaching the OTHER
ME and the OTHER
Leadership culture
Negotiation culture
Commerce culture
Work team culture
Family culture
Life culture Through Consulting,
Seminars Experience Intercultural Communication Artifacts Espoused Values Basic Underlying
Assumptions Visible aspects:
stories, language, behaviors, heroes... strategies, common sense,
goals, philosophies... unconscious, taken for granted beliefs, thoughts, perceptions, feelings... Rituals & Cultures
Seminars Global Management Team Communication Company culture Intercultural CRM Intercultural NM Intercultural Marketing Glocalization "We have a dream" "We have a plan" Communicate your DREAM effectively
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