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maya alhalwani

on 8 November 2016

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Transcript of PROPHET MUSA

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He was the only prophet who talked to Allah directly
He go many miracles
He did a wrong
Musa entered the city without anyone knowing who he was and he found two men fighting one of them was his sahaba and other was his enemy. And when his follower asked for help Musa punched him and killed the man.
1. Mention two miracles used by Musa?
2. What virtue made Musa special
3. Do prophets make mistakes?
4. What did you learn from the story?

Musa never doubted Allah (swt) powers
Do your part to get your reward
Change now and never wait
Flee from those who harm you and make you do bad
Allah gives us signs
Talk to Allah in any way you can.
Always hear both sides of a story.
Miracles of Musa
1. staff into a snake
2.hand into white light
3.Frogs everywhere
4.splitting the sea
5.water into blood
8. drought of the nile
9.flood of the nile
By:maya sally and hana
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