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The Pushcart War

We are against the traffic in NYC streets

johnell jefferies

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of The Pushcart War

The Pushcart War The pushcart war started in 1975 when a truck ran down a pushcart peddeler. Some charicters are Morris the florist
Mack the truck driver Maxi Hammerman and Frank the Flower and many more . By:Johnell Jefferies, Destin Jones ,Timothy Wray, Ike Okechukwu, and Zach Daniels.' We are against traffic because its bad for bussinesses accept for the pushcarts.
truck driver: johnell, and Destin.
Pushcart peddler: Tim
city worker: Ike
Traffic commisioner:Zach We need smaller trucks and maby bigger lanes and diffirent lanes. it shows that a big truck compared to a car is super big as i shows in pages 32 19 26 27 37 city worker
trucks are two big and hog up space
some traffic workers arer not doing there job
pushcart are making people agressive because they go threw traffic truck driver
the push carts park in spots that trucks
city workers aren`t doing anything about the problem as long as they get payed they dont care traffic comishiner
I think its the truck drivers because they are so large and bombared the streets with there largeness Pushcart peddler
Well the trucks are gettingin the way like they are to big than just a car and plus the traffic workers are not taking control of the traffic.
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