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Final Project

No description

Brooke Byers

on 6 October 2010

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Transcript of Final Project

What is Literacy? Literacy is much more than reading and writing.It is many different things.
Part of being literate is being able to interpret and understand meanings of many different texts: people, technology, symbols, objects, etc. This includes using all of our senses!!
Being literate helps expands our schema and helps us to gain knowledge to become productive members of society.
Literacy and its forms are constantly changing, not just in our classrooms but in our world! We are constantly using literacy, and it is important to use our skills and make them stronger. Language Arts Close your eyes! http://www.sound-effect.com/cat/rainforest-98/ Use your sense of smell. Use your sense of touch. Listen to the sounds. How is this Literacy? Referring back to our definition,
Literacy is more than just reading and writing. It includes all of the senses
and helps to activate and expand your knowledge
on a topic. More specifically, this activity
could be used as a pre-writing
brainstorm to activate students
prior knowledge. For Example: Science http://kids.discovery.com/games/pompeii/pompeii.html Sweetly the breeze sings
dancing within the branches
for now it is Spring. Softly I whispered
to the wind, my secret dreams.
The sun set; night came. Linking this to Literacy Teachers and students need
to be up to date on new technologies that are available. By having this exposure to new technologies students will be able to advance their own learning in future situations. It is also important to make connections in literacy to the real world, because it helps the students relate to what they are learning. Math Integer Flash Students will need to know:

Integer: a positive or negative whole number or zero

Product: answer to multiplication problem 2 player game Distribute cards to players equally. Keep cards face down. Red card equals a negative integer. Black card equals a positve integer. Example: a red jack= -11, and a black king= +13 Turn over card and first player to come up with product. That player wins the two cards.(Just like the card game WAR!) How does Literacy play a part in this game? Literacy is dependent on the sitution.
For example, cards in a poker game have a much different meaning
than in this activity. Literacy cannot always be taken for face
value, but things can have multiple different meanings. In this game it includes symbols, colors, and numbers
which goes back to our definition of Literacy, which says
that it is just not words on a page. Social Studies X = -55 For Example: MindMeister & Literacy? After students have read and studied a time period in history,students could make connections using MindMeister. These connections can be made to
their life, real world events, and
pretty much anything they can come up with. Using MindMeister not only encourages students
to make connections, it also allows them to learn
and use new technologies, like MindMeister. Through this we hope you learned new and
exciting literacy strategies to use in your future
classroom like technologies, games, and stepping outside
the box with literacy!! THE END!! Sources Used:

* Sound-effect.com
* YouTube.com
* Discovery Kids.com
* Mindmeister.com
* Subjects Matter by Daniels and Zemelman
* Shimmering Literacies by Williams
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