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Sold by: Patricia McCormick

No description

tionne henson

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of Sold by: Patricia McCormick

by: Patricia McCormick

The novel sold is about a thirteen year old girl who lives in a hut with her family in Nepal. However her life isn't normal, her family is in deep poverty. She only finds happiness in going to school, playing with her goat, and her little brother. Due to her family's scarcity of money, her father forces her to go work in he city to help bring in money. Lakshmi then sets out on her long journey to the big city in India. however, while she thinks shes going to work in the city, she was actually lead to the "happiness house" , where she is sold into prostitution ran by a woman named Mumtaz. She tells Laksmi that she is trapped there until she is able to pay off her family's debts.

At that moment Lakshmi's life turns into a disaster, which she is forced to live in until she get the money she needs to pay off her debts. Gradually Lakshmi forms close relationships with other young girls that were sold into the "Happy House". After months of being trapped in the house the opportunity finally comes where she can leave, however she has to make a decision of risking everything for a chance to reclaim her life from Mumtaz.

The setting of the novel is in Nepal, which is among the poorest and least developed countries in the world. This setting plays a big role in the novel because due to Lakshmi's country Nepal being so poor she was forced to sell her body in the "Happiness House". If the setting wasn't in Nepal the text wouldn't have the same significance that it once had because for example if the author was to change the setting to a wealthy country Lakshmi wouldn't have reason to leave her home to work at the happiness house in India. The meaning of the novel would change as well.
The protagonist in the novel Sold is Lakshmi. Lakshmi is curious about new sights and things For example in the novel " On those nights the hillside and the valley below are bathed in a magical white light, the glow of the perpetual snows that blanket the mountaintops. On those nights i lie restless in the sleeping loft, wondering what the world is like beyond my mountain home."(McCormick page 9).

Lakshmi is also a very friendly person in the novel when she met the Beckham boy she wasn't startled by him, she welcomed his presence. "I am sitting on mu bed, adding yesterday's profits to the tally in my notebook, when the David Beckham boy comes in. He grabs his kite and turns to leave, then stops a moment and looks at me." "Do you want me to teach you how to read the words in the story book? he says" " i do"
(McCormick page 163). Lakshmi accepted his offer and she didn't even know him.
Lakshmi relates to the IB learner trait Inquirer because she loves learning new things and seeing new sights. For example after she meets David she realizes that he goes to school while she inside all day. So after school she likes for him to come over to the "Happiness House" and teach her to read everyday when he comes home. " Now Harrish is teaching American words from a new storybook" (McCormick page 173) " And now there are pages full of Hindu and English words Harrish has taught me." (McCormick page 170).

Lakshmi also relates to the IB learner trait risk taker because at the end of the novel she risks everything for a chance to get her life back, and finally escape the "Happiness House". "She grips me arm and tries to pull me into the closet with her." " i shake my head." "Then slowly, she let go of my arm, closes the door between us, and i hear a sad final sound. (McCormick page 262).
-They are both girls living in horrible conditions. Katniss lives under the cruel capitol rules with president snow, and Lakshmi live under the " happiness house" rules with Mumtaz.

- They both take risks by rebelling. Katniss rebels against the capitol by manipulating the games. She does this by attempting to eat berries with peeta and, ends up changes the fate of the games. Lakshmi rebels by staying educated while at the "Happiness House" and risking everything so that she can reclaim her life.

- Their hometowns are very poor. Katniss ; district 12, and Lakshmi ; Nepal.
- Katniss was aware of where she was going when they drew her name, but Lakshmi was told that she was going to work as a maid, she was actually going to work as a prostitute.

- They live in different areas around the globe.

-Katniss is intentionally meant to die, but Lakshmi wasn't .
Yes, i would recommend this novel to my classmates because first off a lot of us can relate to a few of her characteristics because we are around the same age. Also i think they would be moved by her choice she makes at the end. And will find some of the actions she portrayed in the novel useful in their day to day lives.
World literature project
IB learner traits
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