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Craft - H2 2013

Kick-off team presentation

Hoang-Anh Phan

on 12 July 2013

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Transcript of Craft - H2 2013

H2 2013 - Craft
Agile. Craft. Vietnamese.
1. Lower the center of gravity
2. Get lean
3. Get a public to watch & clap
4. Create a local club to practice
5. Keep looking at the horizon
6. Master the art
2011 - high jump
2012 - rowing
2013 - slacklining
Agile is eating the world
As agile becomes mainstream and software is eating our world, agile practices are not only shaping how we build software but also how we manage entire organizations.
Vietnamese. Agile. Understand. Craft. Delight.
Show that young professionals in Vietnam can lead the way in building agile organizations that craft working and beautiful digital solutions.
Web & Content
Mobile & Design
Mgt team
Each cluster :
is made of various profiles (developers, analysts, testers, etc.)
is self-managed
has an engagement leader
reports on their own revenues & costs
In the management team:
Business manager
Development manager
Functional manager
Agile organization
Sell & Build dedicated teams
Focus on recruitment capability
Build Ekinoffy
Biz dev on dedicated teams
30% dedicated teams
40% recurrent projects
30% one-off projects
Follow-me I'm famous
Powered by the Craft team:
5h course at universities
5h presentation at conferences & events
20h in coding dojo, code retreats and hackatons
Vietnamese blog
Launch it:
finding a name
asking every member in Craft to contribute
publishing one article per week
enrolling non-Offies volunteers to contribute
Build & promote funky offers
Content analyst
Online analyst
Functional analyst
Business analyst
Externalized QA
OpenSource projects
Contribute to 2 open-source projects
High standards
A burst of energy to make it happen
Team to work in harmony
Finding the right balance
Sport of the year
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