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Transportation of the 1800s

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nafisa hussain

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of Transportation of the 1800s

Transportation in the 1800s * Transportation and Daily Life * Growth and Movement * Western Settlement * Roads and Turnpikes * River Travel * Canals * Era of the Steamboat *Good inland roads are needed to travel and for the shipments of goods
*Turnpikes work like toll roads when you have to pay
*The national roads to the west was a military necessity but it didn't undertake other roads Roads and Turnpikes *Steam boats couldn't tie the country together but canals could
*Locks would lower or raise water levels
*The Erie Canal is 363 miles long
*Irish immigrants mostly worked on the Erie Canal
*Canals lowered shipping goods, brought prosperity to towns along routes, opportunities for new businesses to supply food, shelter and nessesities to workers Canals *A census is the significant count of a population
*The 1790s census was around 4 million
*By the 1820s the u.s population dubbled to about 10 million Growth and Movement *By 1812, 9 states were created
*Pioneer families mostly settled along grate rivers so they could ship there crops to market
*Life for pioneer families were close. them men would do sports while the women would sew and together they would enjoy picking corn Western Settlement *River travel was much better then road travel because it was more comfortable
*Two problems with river travel is the geography of the eastern us and travailing upstream was slow and extremely difficult River Travel *Robert Fulton developed the steamboat
*The Clermont was the first steamboat Fulton designed that worked well
*It can go 150 miles in 32 hours
*The steamboat helped the economy because transportation was faster and cheaper Era of the Steamboat *Transportation changes daily life because you could buy goods and produce them in places far away, and also letters were established with home delivery Transportation and Daily Life How did the improvement of transportation help settlers move west? I CAN? The improvement of transportation helped settlers move faster over long distances was much cheaper.
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