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Metaphors and Similes

A Lesson on Metaphors and Similes

L Mele

on 25 June 2013

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Transcript of Metaphors and Similes

What is a metaphor?
A metaphor is used to compare two unlike things,
or things that are not the same.
Why would we use metaphors?
Metaphors help readers picture an image in their mind even better. Poets want to get their message across with fewer words. By using metaphors, they can help you picture the image without describing it in detail.

Let's Practice Finding the Metaphors
Now It's Your Turn!
1.) Write down a simile and a metaphor for each of the following images and post it to the class message board:
and Similes
The lake was a mirror for the mountains

What two things are being directly compared?
It says that the LAKE was a MIRROR.
The comparison is that the lake reflects just like a mirror does,
so the comparison, or metaphor is between the lake and a mirror.
Can you find the metaphor in this sentence?

His mother's smile is sunshine when he feels sad.

What two things are being compared?
His mother's smile is sunshine when he feels sad.

The mother's smile is being compared to sunshine.

What is a simile?
A simile compares two unlike things using the words
"like" or "as"
Why would we use similes?
Like metaphors, similes help the reader to picture what is being
described because you can picture what the object is being
compared to.
Metaphors and Simile
in Familiar Nursery Rhymes
Can you find the simile?
The heat from the sun made him sweat like a pig.
The simile is sweat like a pig.
We are comparing the amount he is sweating to that of a pig using the word "like".
Josie's face was white as snow when she
thought she had seen a ghost.
The simile is that her face was white as snow.
It compares how pale her face was to the color of snow.

Can you identify the metaphors or similes in the following nursery rhymes?
Mary Had a Little Lamb
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
2.) Write your own poem using metaphors and similes
Read the following poem and find the metaphors and similes.

I Am…

I am a rainbow of colors,
Yellow when happy,
Orange when energetic,
Blue when shy or sad

I am like spring,
Growing, changing, and learning
As each day passes,
Sprouting fresh with ideas
I am a diamond,
Precious and unique
Rare and exquisite
Both inside and out.

I am as happy as a dog,
Friendly and playful,
Loyal and trustworthy,
Defending my friends with all my might.

Can you write a poem using
metaphors and similes?
You will practice writing your own poem
all about you!

Think of four items, animals, or things that
you can compare yourself to.
What are the four things you
will compare yourself to? Make a list.
Describe characteristics of those
four things that you have in common
with them.

For example, a cat is curious, quiet, loving,
and mysterious. If you share those traits,
write them down.

You are all ready to write your poem!

Fill in the blanks on the following worksheet.
Then, share your poem with your classmates on
the class message board. Read and comment on
two other classmates' poems. This is a great way to learn more about your classmates!

Happy writing!

By comparing two unlike things, for example, saying the tree is a giant, we can picture a very, very tall tree.
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