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Teaching Demo Lesson

No description

Goanpyo Hong

on 23 November 2013

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Transcript of Teaching Demo Lesson

Teaching Demo Presentation
For USGTF Level IV

Observation + Detection
Take a wide stance with a straight-up body line
Aims at a little bit left of the ball-target line.

In a takeaway.
He sets his left wrist early.
He lowers down his shoulder.
His head and body stay inactive.
Maintains upright swing plane in his back- swing + Flat downswing path

Correction of the Main Problem
Helped him practice using bare hands to rotate of body around the spinal axis and lifting of the arms in a proper way.
Reminded him of very little wrist movement in a takeaway by letting him to practice swing using a driver with either a putter or a stick attached or flags not to set his wrist early.
Corrected his swing not to lower his left shoulder down but rotating it in a takeaway.

Profile of The Player
Aged in the 40's and has been playing a golf more than 8 years. 9 handicaper and his best score is 4+ on Rancho Canada Golf Course.
Student Interview
How long have you been playing?
What is your handicap?
What was your best score?
What's your recent concern in golf swing?
The Comparison of Before and After
Roger G.P.Hong, Ph.D.
Closing Remarks
He has a reverse C-shape set-up with a narrower stance aiming at the ball-target line.
He does not actively use his left wrist in his takeaway, taking the entire club away as a single unit.
His shoulder moves down and to the right, placing right above on the right leg at the end of a quarter/full swing.
He has a single swing plane. Indeed, his club shaft comes down the same path in the downswing as his backswing.
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