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Education In The U.S

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Eric Brown

on 23 May 2016

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Transcript of Education In The U.S

Education In The U.S
Despite the Reform in Education in America during Reconstruction and the civil rights movement,
Our nation would benefit from a reassessment of the importance of equity in education
Separate but Equal
Brown vs Board of education
During the time of southern reconstruction, there were hardly any schools for Afro American Children, disparity in resources was a problem overcome by the tenacity of early Freedmen to overcome the ignorance imposed on them.
During the Civil rights struggle ,Learning had come full circle back to the do it yourself method of the freedman's 1st schools,In the form of the Black Panther freedom schools
Bakke vs U.C Davis
"Associate Justice Thurgood Marshall,sought to remind his fellow justices of the historic legal and societal mistreatment of african americans and cited the need for the continuance of affirmative action programs as remedies for the efforts of past and present discrimination"
Reconstruction-Civil Rights
.Federally Mandated Busing
"After the revolution..The common school Bill established free public schools throughout the state.Pittsburgh's African School was located in a damp church basement and was supported largely through the efforts of the Black community"
In Oakland,The Intercommunal Youth Institute was established in 1971 under the direction of Ericka Huggins..it employed accredited instructors in math,science environmental studies....

Tallilah morgan et al. v. James W. Hennigan et al- A group of black parents filed a class action suit in federal court. the landmark decision in favor of the parent plaintiffs ordered the Boston school committee to implement new school assignment plans making use of the busing of students
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