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The role and need of Discipline in Public Services.

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dawid marchewka

on 15 October 2014

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Transcript of The role and need of Discipline in Public Services.

The role and need of Discipline in Public Services.
Charlie Thorne, Dawid Marchewka, Shannon Daniel-Eade.
M1 Fire Service
Discipline is important in the fire service as the service has a lot of responsibilities but without discipline these responsibilities will not be handled or dealt with.

The discipline is important, because without the discipline fire service would fail every time they would approach a scene. Without the discipline there is no efficient training or the training can take longer. If a team leader was briefing there team and the team was not paying any attention to what the leader was saying the team would be lost and not know what to do.

In the fire service discipline is used to strengthen the service; for example threatening to give punishments out, which creates fear, even though the fire service usually doesn’t get the harshest punishments. This is used so all the people know how to behave in the right manner. Rules and regulations are set so that the people in the brigade don’t step out of line and do their job with profession. There would be no authority without the reward and punishment system and rules and regulations would not be followed.

The fire service (and also other services) always seems to be in the public eye so if anything bad is said about them people will start to dislike them and not depend on them to do a good job. The public pays for the fire service through taxes so if they fail to do a good job; the public may protest against paying them.

Hierarchy in Fire Service
Firefighters undergo rigorous training equipping them to rescue people from a large variety of emergency incidents including Fires, Road, Rail and Air Traffic Accidents, Lift and Machinery entrapments, Floods and Toxic emissions.

2Crew Manager
He is a team manager. He manages crew consisting of few firefighters. He is likely to lead a small team on a specific task.

3Watch Manager
A Watch Manager leads larger groups of personnel and in the Retained service will be in charge of a fire station. Will attend incidents as officer in charge of an appliance and will also take command of incidents involving up to 3 pumping appliances. He will also undertake specialist duties such as training or fire safety.

4Station Manager
A Station Manager will manage one or more fire stations. He can also undertake specialist duties. Will take charge of an incident of up to 6 pumps or undertake specialist tasks as support at an incident.

5Group Manage
A Group Manager undertakes specialist duties in a number of different disciplines such as fire safety, operations and training.

6Area Manager
An Area Manager is responsible for heading a directorate in the organisation.

7Brigade Manager

Role of Discipline in Fire Service.
To provide a quick response to the incident; to be determined to arrive quickly on the scene, where the team is needed.
To ensure a good level of safety and survivability during the operation.
To achieve a high level of efficiency and productivity.
To make sure everyone is trustworthy and trusts each other, when the situation can become hard, and teamwork is necessary.
To make sure everyone is well trained and prepared.
Hierarchy in Navy
The need of discipline in fire service.
Discipline in the fire service is one of the most important areas for discipline because it promotes high quality performance also many inappropriate actions will be avoided and will therefore be a safer easier job to do for the team.

With the use of discipline it makes sure that the rules and regulations are followed and under control. And it also ensures that all that needs to be done is achieved effectively as possible

Another reason for the fire service to have discipline is that it shows to present their service with pride and this will make it easier for public to approach them to interact, save lives and help build trust.

Navy's role of Discipline
M1 Navy
Discipline is a set of rules for people to follow usually in a workplace, if the rules are broken then the following meaning of discipline would to be punish someone in consequences of their actions. It is important because the navy work close togeather and are an effective fighting team, the british navy are still the best navy due to discipline it holds, without discipline the navy would crumble under pressure, sailors are taught to handle and deal with such pressure. military discipline makes the difference between a mob and an army. it is a form of behavior that is the consequence of training and indoctrination, designed to ensure compliance to orders among individuals and groups, to create and maintain cohesion in the military units.
HMS Diamond completes Syria chemical weapons mission.
At a car crash. The person is stuck in a car so the fire service are called to cut him out of the car, he is also unconscious. They need a strong line of discipline so they all know what they are doing and how they are going to do it.
They need to be sure everyone is going to be safe during the process. They also need to make sure everyone has the right equimpment and is wearing the right clothing. They also need to be prepared for the consequences.
Discipline in the Navy is important, because it keeps them together as a team, if they did not have discipline and rules about the way their employees should behave, then they would be free to do everything they wanted and be able to get away with or without consequences.
If there was no discipline targets would not be met and jobs would not be done properly. Also they would not look smart, they would not be well spoken compared to what they are with discipline. They are a part of big team and need to be able to rely on each other to do certain jobs and to make sure they're safe while doing it.
Vice Admiral
Rear admiral
Lieutenant commander
sub lieutenant
Warrant officers:
Mid ship man
Chief party officer
petty officer
leading rate
able seaman

Vice Admiral
Rear Admiral
lieutenant commander
Sub Lieutenant
Mid Shipman
Chief petty officer
Petty Officer
Leading Hand
Able Seaman
Leading Hand - is the most senior of the junior rates in the Royal Navy. It is equal in status to corporal.
is an officer cadet. An officer of the rank held by young men immediately upon graduating.
Type 45 destroyer HMS Diamond has completed her role escorting ships carrying Syria's chemical weapons stock for disposal. HMS Diamond joined the Danish, Norwegian and British task group in February to provide maritime force protection to merchant vessels transporting chemical agents from Syria. The Limassol-based task group recently escorted the container ship the MV Ark Future to Italy with some of the most dangerous chemical agents. These will be neutralized at sea in the next few months. This has been an operationally-intense deployment which required us to be at high readiness at all times.
In this mission discipline is the most important part because this is a very dangerous mission and if people are not doing what they are told it could be life threatening to hundreds of people.
They all need to know how they are going to dispose of the chemical weapons in the safest and most efficient way so reduces potential dangerous
An able seaman is a unlicensed member of the deck department of a merchant ship. A able seaman may have jobs like a watch stander a day worker or a combination of all these roles
A Petty Officer is a non-commissioned officer.
The petty officer is superior in rank to subordinate to chief petty officer.
Sub-lieutenant is normally a junior officer rank.
A sub-lieutenant is a naval commissioned officer ranking below lieutenant
lieutenant commander is a rank superior to lieutenant and subordinate to commander
Commander is the officer in command of a military unit and can decide how they would like it to be run within the bounds of military laws.
The captain is a licensed mariner in ultimate command of the vessel.
The captain is responsible for its safe and efficient operation, including cargo operations and navigation crew management
Rear admiral is a commissioned officer ranked above commodore and captain and the lowest of admiral ranks and can be referred to as a two star rank.
Admiral is a senior rank of the royal navy and only outranked by the rank admiral of the fleet.
Chief petty officer expand powers over the ranks below.
there responsibilities are to train junior officers and leading there division of sailors and petty officers It is the equivalent of colour sergeant in the Royal Marines, staff sergeant in the Army, and flight sergeant in the Royal Air Force
Admiral of the fleet
The highest rank in the Royal Navy.
Vice Admiral is a flag officer.It is a position which is usually held by a retired full admiral.
they have jobs dealing with naval administration in each of the maritime countries.
this rank is equivalent to brigadier in the british army and royal marines
Lieutenant is a sub department manager. Divisional officer.

The role of discipline in the fire service
Discipline is a learning tool for the fire fighters. Discipline is enforced trough harsh training and the punishment system. Discipline enforces the sense of Duty and Honor to your service and to the people you serve. Fire fighters have o follow certain rules and regulations, and these are enforced by the discipline.

The fire service is regulated and controlled, u the rules to ensure that all procedures are standardized and consistent. Lawful orders are followed and there is no abuse of the authority( blind obedience), so people are treated with respect and without favor.

Discipline ensure that he service is not bought into disrepute and doesn't get the bad reputation.
the role of discipline for the navy
discipline plays a huge role in the navy. royal navy is the service where the discipline is essential and is present all the time.

without the discipline there is no order. order is the only thing that keeps the royal navy up and running. discipline helps to keep the hierarchy in order and helps to maintain a good level of respect to what you are doing and to the people superior to you.

proper discipline enforces the sense of duty and honor to the service, to the queen, to their colleagues and to the public and the royal navy service. discipline also plays a big role in making people work together and feeling team spirit.

discipline helps he royal navy achieve higher standards of training and makes the troops prepared for every situation. the discipline makes the troops do their duties fast and efficient.
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