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graphic organizer (executive branch)

No description

Keikilani Hee

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of graphic organizer (executive branch)

Hee, Noelle
1/17/13 Executive Branch The president responsible for
carrying out nation's laws
executive agencies and departments assist the president with this Chief Executive of the armed forces
the president can intervene with world crisis
but cannot declare war
only congress has that power
can send troops to foreign places
but no more than 60 days
they can stay longer if congress says yes or declares war
can use military to solve national problems the president
proposing laws to congress
working for passage
presents goals for legislation the executive office of the president (EOP)
made up of agencies that assist the president Independent Agencies Chief Diplomat Commander in Chief Chief of State Legislative Leader Executive Branch at Work What is the Cabinet? president directing foreign policies
appointing ambassadors
negotiating treaties
must get approved by 2/3's of the Senate before affect president as a symbolic role
fulfilled when received by
foreign ambassadors
or heads of the state
visiting foreign nations
or bestowing honor on Americans executive departments
each responsible for diff. gov.
heads or secretaries of the departments
part of the president's cabinet
helps the president make decisions manage federal problems
corporations are agencies
run like a private business
ex. Postal Service
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