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Copy of No-nonsense Nurturing

Classroom Management Techniques That Work!

Joe Delaney

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of No-nonsense Nurturing

The No-Nonsense Teacher
With a Soft Side
Classroom Management that works! Cue Your Students Wait until you have 100% of your students attetion before giving the direction or instruction. is important too is important Before giving students directions you need to give them a cue to let them know that they are about to get a direction. Whatever the cue may be, it should be used consistently within your classroom. You set the stage and expectation for ALL students as to who you want to listen and who you want to follow your directions and instruction
If you cue your students for their attention and then begin to give instructions before you have 100% of your students attention, then n you have set the expectation that you don't need all students to listen or follow your instructions.
Sounds easy, but finds to be one of the most challenging things as teachers when we feel the pressures of needing to get through the material and curriculum.
This is part two of the the cueing. Review the Cueing videos again and notice the amount of students ready to receive the instruction...should be 100% Credit the Students Doing it Correctly
Give credit to 3 or so students in which are following the instructions that you have given
Reinforce the instruction by clearly and consisely stating what the student is doing, without adding a judgement word (good).
Correct Students is important After you have narrated students who are following directions, correct the one or two students who are still not following directions, or with whom need to be specifically addressed.
You can also correct without using names or to address a few students.
When correcting using, "I need...." statements is very effective.

Examples: "I need Joe to have his eyes front." or "I need 3 more voices off."

You say these things without nonsense, but without a threatening or mean tone. If you seem frustrated or uneasy and about to "lose your cool," you will surely not get the results you were looking for. Relationships are the most important piece of classroom management.
Kids need to know you care!
A teacher should use tough love or be no non-sense in front of the class as a whole and take opportunities one-on-one or in small group instructional times. Relationships are Important The video is of students with whom have a good relationship with their teacher. Watch as they explain why they say, "College... For Certain." With anything there is always more to learn, but this is a great start. The number one rule of having classroom management is to be consistent! Resources I have used in my teaching experiences that I draw upon for this project as well as in my position as a facilitator inclue:
Jim Faye's, "Love and Logic"

No Non-Sense Nurturing from the Center for Transformative Teacher Training; Based on the Work of Lee Canter

and Teach Like a Champion
I used Prezi, Loiloscope, youtube, a flip cam and my Samsung Computer.
Thank you for making it to the end of this presentation...I hoped you enjoyed and were able to learn something or take away a new idea.
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