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No description

Poh Jacqqie

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of FYP

Proceed to
High Score Chart Do Not Charge Charge till full Peak Non-peak Check battery’s voltage Check for Peak/Non-peak Charge Energy Storage Maxwell Supercapacitor Lead Acid Battery 12 V, 100 Ah, 1200 Wh
Max charging current = 30 A
Max discharge current = 800 A 16 V, 500 F, 17.8 Wh
ISC = 7600 A
Max series voltage = 750V Phocos Charge Controller (12/24V) Steca MPPT Controller Max charge current = 20 A
Max panel voltage = 30 A 12 V, 250 W
Charge Current = 20 A
Efficiency > 98% Arduino UNO XBee Shield + XBee Allows Arduino board to communicate wirelessly Adobe Flash Phidget Controller Board How long can you power various DC loads at home if you crank for 1 hour? Tangible Benefits? promotes healthy lifestyle
contribute to your household electricity by installing solar panels, houses facing the west will have an added advantage Current Sensor Voltage Sensor 250 W panel 4 peak sun hours / day X X 30 days X $0.30 per kWh YOU SAVE
$9 / month for 1 panel 5 room HDB flat Avg energy consumption
= 450 kWh / month X 10% higher efficiency X $0.30 / kWh YOU SAVE
$13.50 / month from
more efficient conversion Family of 4 Crank 1 h / day each 30 days $0.30 / kWh X X X YOU SAVE
$2.34 from the generator / month Ethernet Shield Able to produce 60 - 65 W in 1 hour DC CFL Light (15 W) 4 hours DC LED Light (10 W) 6 hours DC 12 Inch Table Fan (12 W) 5 hours Laptop (Rated at 65W) 1 hour Charging iPad at 10 W 6 hours DC Refrigerator (avg 68W) 1 hour DC Air Con 10 minutes Show concept of DC Microgrid
integrate different energy sources
human power generator
developed web-based interface Experience how difficult it is to produce energy
have fun through interactive interface
promote healthy lifestyle
saves money Intelligent control
avoid peak hour charge in residential environment Healthy Lifestyle Human power generator unit Solar PV Panel 12 V battery for energy storage
Grid power for backup charging Load and charging scheduling
Wireless data access and appliance control DC-DC Converter instead of DC-AC, AC-DC Energy Efficient Clean & Green Sources Longer Battery Lifespan Intelligent Power Management Wireless Sensor Why DC? Safer
Higher reliability
Smaller components
Minimal conversion losses
Better integration with renewable sources and storage systems DC Microgrids Around The World What is a Microgrid? System Limitations Small scale localised electricity generation and distribution system MICROSOURCES ENERGY STORAGE LOCAL CONSUMER LOADS Future Improvements Adding a channel for security (XBee and server)
Integration of battery and supercapacitor
Upgrade to 24V/48V system
Improve accuracy of system
Detailed data logging
Displaying calories burnt while generating power
Recording total power generation Security issue
Energy storage
High voltage losses
Database is not optimised
Inaccuracy of system 5-10%
Battery current is not shown
Display calories for more motivation
Unable to record total power generated into system
Interface is only able to display information on one XBee at one time Receive Sample Packet Data Preparation Packet Transmission Listen to Request Send to Database (URL) Check Xbee ID Database entry Parse URL (PHP) Interface Refreshes
(100ms) Check Xbee ID Database entry Parse URL
(PHP) Interface Refreshes
(100ms) Server Side Scripting Arduino Control Unit LOW MODERATE/HIGH Scheduler Battery Voltage Sensor Flash Interface Laptop Current Sensor Phocos Charge
Controller Human Power
Generator Phidget
(Microcontroller) Hardware Connections After 20s Calculate Energy
Generated Store the Final Score Store the Highest
Value Attained Proceed to
Results Screen After 20s Every 10ms After 20s Update the Progress
Bar Start Every 10ms Calculate
Power Determine
Meter Value Track and Display
Highest Value Start 20s
Countdown Add the value to the
Final Score Values of I and V Flash Interface – 20 seconds Press Enter Using Energy
Generated Compare with Laptop Enter Screen Continue Displaying
Progress Bar Display Final
Score Compare with iPhone
4 Flash Interface – Results Screen Update the Chart with
the Latest Score When Pressed Proceed to Next
Screen Enable “Next”
Button Store Top 10 Scores
to Cookies If Not Within Enter Screen Upon Pressing
Update Score If Within Display
“Please Try Again” Ask For User To Enter
His Name Compare Value with
Current top 10 Values Flash Interface – High Score Chart Nextek

Moixa Energy

EMerge Alliance Current Industries ~2000 square foot house
6 Suniva 255W panels, ~1500W
Expanding to 2000W and then to 4000W of PV
12 kWh of storage (4 GS Battery 246 Ah 12V batteries arranged as 2S/2P for 24V)
All lighting to be replaced with solid state lighting
Efficiency around 90 lumens per W CASE STUDY: SUNIVA's RESIDENTIAL DC MICROGRID Around 50W per room (15 x 20 feet room size) was needed to provide abundant illumination
Smart loads such as laptops and entertainment systems on DC
Further studies are being done to log energy usage and generation Xiamen University China's 1st DC powered commercial building
50% energy savings at less than 10% cost increase ABB's DC Data Center - Zurich West 1 MW DC power distribution
1100m. sq expansion of the center
Applying DC to
electric vehicle charging
power distribution on ships
data center Conclusion Interface
(HTML/Javascript) MySQL PHP5 Apache Decoding by
Arduino Sends Remote TX Command Browser
Request XBee Arduino Uno
(Microcontroller) Interface with Server "api.php" Extracts data from database for interface "powerPage.html" Loads data and places into variables "powerPage.html" (cont.) Updates gauges "powerPage.html" (cont.) Sends link to Arduino SP Engineering Show 2013 Optimising Home Energy with
DC Microgrid Presentation by:
Jazz Chua
Tan Shi Jie
Chua Kwan Chong
Benjamin Goh
Jacqqie Poh
Lim Yi Ying What we have learned PCB Design Server Software 40863372 - 64-bit XBee ID
36 - Digital Output Pin 6
05 - Logic High on Pin 6 200ms per sample
5 samples in packet Sends value to server in the form of an URL XBee Series 1 Module 8 Digital I/O Pins of which 7 are ADC enabled
XBee module has 30m indoor range
Contains an unique 64-bit address
Runs on 3.3V
Different network configurations - Load Control - Interface Update Topology Scheduler Arduino Control Unit (cont.) DS1302 Real Time Clock Installed
Updates the Scheduler (time) Arduino (Main) Arduino (Scheduler) Wireless Comm. through XBee Developed PCB Main Arduino Controller Prototype Feature 1: Sends data
packets How do we control the loads? Feature 2: Feature 3: Feature 4: Feature 5:
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