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Peter the Great and Ivan the Terrible

All about these two absolute monarchs! :)

Shannon Lindon

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Peter the Great and Ivan the Terrible

By: Olivia Gould Peter the Great and Ivan the Terrible Ivan the Terrible Peter the Great Comparisons Contrasts Peter the Great was born in 1672. He came to power in 1682 after the death of Ivan V. When Peter took power, Russia was not
connected to the rest of Europe because it
was geographically isolated and religiously
different. Peter wanted Russia to become
stronger and to compete with western countries. He achieved this by gaining warm water ports, studying technology, taking over the church of Russia, and building a HUGE army. Known as the great reformer, Peter really lived up to this name. He eventually died of pneumonia in 1725 after diving into freezing water trying to rescue several drowning sailors. He is an absolute monarch because he increased power of the central government and helped to make Russia a strong country. As for contrasts, there are quite a few.
First, Peter the Great traveled a lot to
other countries, while Ivan generally
stayed in Russia. Also, Ivan tried to gain loyalty through death threats, whereas Peter gave land to the poor to make them loyal. Then, of course comes Ivan's mental instability. Peter was (for the most part) sane. Peter's policies were more relaxed than Ivan's policies, which he enforced in rather unpleasant ways. Finally, Ivan died of a heart attack and Peter died of pneumonia. Ivan the Terrible was born in1533. He is the son of Vasili III and Elena Glinskaya. They both died when he was very young. He took power when he was only 3 years old. Since he was so young, nobles called boyars wanted to take control. He was the first czar of Russia and officially became czar at the age of 16. Ivan had two periods, the great and the terrible. After his wife was died (possibly assassinated), Ivan sort of lost his mind. Though still very smart, he was very paranoid and often went into rages as a result of his mental illness. (In one of his rages he killed his son, Ivan's only competent heir.) He even created his own secret police force that killed anyone he considered a traitor. Thousands were killed this way. After ruling for 37 years, Ivan died of a heart attack at age 53. He is considered an absolute monarch because he was born into monarchy and ruled with an iron fist over all Russia. First of all, Ivan the Terrible and Peter the
Great were both from Russia. Also, they
took power at very young ages; Peter at age
10 and Ivan (officially) at 16. They also were
interested in making Russia a stronger country.
Another is that they looked to strengthen central government and take some power from
nobles. Finally, they built a large (and quite strong) army. I hope you liked my presentation!
Do svindaniya!
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