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David Lee

on 19 May 2010

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Transcript of Pok`emon

BY: Halle Begay and David Lee Games The first Pokemon video game
(pocket monsters: red and green)
was released in Japan for the game boy
in 1996. The first games were role-playing games
for the gameboy. They included an element of
strategy.These games contained the original
Pokemon (bublasaur-mew).The newer games contain
newer pokemon.
The Games for the N64 and other consoles
contained different and new pokemon.
Some of the console games still have
a role-playing element but some are
more arcade like. Card Game In 1996 The pokemon trading card game
was released in Japan.The game is played
with 2 people. It involes pokemon cards
and pokemon energy cards. To attack
you need to use a energy card and occasionally
flip a coin. Pokemon have a life limit known as
hit points. The card game pokemon are categorized
by thier type. the Different types in
the TCG are leaf, fire, water, lightning,
psychic, fighting, darkness,colorless,
and metal. In the video games the different types of
pokemon are fire, water, ice, bug, grass,
poison,electric, psychic, ghost, fighting,
rock, ground, dark, normal, flying,dragon,
and steel SHOW The original show Pokemon:Indigo Leauge
consited of three main characters Ash, Brock
, and misty. Ash's pokemon is pikachu. Misty's is
squirtle. Brock's is charmander. Pokemon started as a video game in Japan.
As the video games got popular they branched off
into a show and a trading card game. Today there
are many video games, hundreds of trading cards,
and many televison series and movies. Today there are 493 pokemon.
The first main three are... Bulbasaur Charmander Squirtle
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