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Differences and similarities in norway and spain

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Madi Brady

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of Differences and similarities in norway and spain

In Spain, gazpacho, sauce, tapas, roast meats, cocktail sauce, paella, caramel sauce, flan, eggplant and rice, sangria, vegetable and meat stew and turrones are all commen foods.
There are many differences between spain and norway
One of the differences is that Norwegian Krone (1NK=$0.16) is the currency used in Norway, while in Spain, the currency used is Euros (€1=$1.36).
there are also many
Spain and Norway
are both very big on
music. Spain has mariachi
bands, while in Norway,
blues, country, dansband music, folk rock, electronic and dance, hip hop, jazz and black metal are all poular music genres.
most interesting thing about norway
Traditional Spanish Clothing comes in different forms. The most widely used ones are a mantilla- a light lace/silk scarf worn over the head and shoulders, worn by women in Spain. There is also Flamenco Dressing where women typically wear black, red or white frilly dresses with many ruffles while Men wear black or red tuxedo undershirts with classic pants that allow freedom.
Differences and similarities in norway and spain
Clothing worn
in spain

Clothing worn
in norway
The people of Norway tend to wear layers and long-sleeved shirts, because of their colder climate and temperature. They also wear more traditional clothing, for decoration.
In Norway, they are well-known and famous for their seafood, unlike Spain, where people mainly eat Spanish food. Norway also catches their food, coming from the Arctic Ocean which they live on the coast of.
Norway and Spain both lay on the coast, for Norway, it is on the coast of the Arctic ocean, and Spain touches the Bay of Biscay, the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. They are also both touching another country. Norway is connected to Sweden and Finland, while Spain is attached to Portugal, Andorra and France.
A summary of spain:
Most intersting thing about spain
The most interesting thing about Spain, would have to be how they dress, and what they wear. In the USA where clothing is just simple, with T-shirts and jeans, Spain has girls in ruffled dresses and men in wearing sombreros.
By: Madi Brady and Alex Mellott
Block 2
The most interesting thing about Norway would have to be is its food. It is neat how people so far away could be just like us, known for seafood.
Another similarity between these two countries is that they both have a government that is a monarchy.
Most important things about Norway
1. One important thing about Norway is their Food, which they mainly get from the Arctic Ocean which they live by.
2. Another important thing is their government, which is a monarchy. This is important because it is has one person in charge rather than equal power.
3. Norway also uses Norwegian Krone as their currency, which is worth very little in US Dollars.

MOST Iportant thing about Spain
1. Spain is a country that uses Euros, which are worth more than US Dollars
2. Spain also uses the language of Spanish, a widley used language of the world.
3. Spain loves soccer and they are extremely dedicated to it, but normally they would call it football.
by: Madi Brady and Alex Mellot
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