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Marshall McLuhan - The Medium is the Massage

No description

stevie lennon

on 25 October 2011

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Transcript of Marshall McLuhan - The Medium is the Massage

Marshall McLuhan
The Medium is the Massage Here is Marshall McLuhan in 1966 in Toronto, photographed
much like the work that her creates. Repetition of his face
on the screens in the background represents some of the
theories that he has created - like the global village (talking
about the future of the internet before it was invented). Every new technology necessitates a new war -
this is a reference to how advances in technology
can create turbulance in the media world. He
practically predicted the feuds between companies
such as Microsoft and Apple. This page from 'The Medium is the Massage' shows
how McLuhan sees the media of that time and of the
future (being now). He talks about how the mass
production of books and texts being printed gives
individuals more freedom to be private and differentiate
themselves from others. In this page from the book, McLuhan talks of
the intrusive ways of the media. How peoples
information and business is no longer confidential
but accessable to anyone who knows how. Again,
McLuhan has predicted the world wide web and
more detailed - social networking. Again, this image allows McLuhan to express how he feels
the world is changing. How people are becoming more voyeuristic and want to know more about everyone around
then. This quality in people has fueled the advances in
global communication - or as McLuhan calls it 'Globalisation'. Another page from the book showing that the development in media is an advantage to us as humans. It allows more imagination and more creativity to be expressed.
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