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Mrs. Schenck Pd. #1

Early Humans Final Project

Tara Schenck

on 26 September 2014

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Transcript of Mrs. Schenck Pd. #1

mrs. Schenck Pd #1
Early humans Final Project
Our early human ancestors provided us with many of the tools for survival that we have expanded upon today. They help us understand what it means to truly be "human".

Use your knowledge of early humans to answer the essential questions for World History and creativity to make an interesting and informative Prezi!
How does geography influence how people live and move?
World History 7
How do we know what we know?
How are religion and culture connected?
What is power, and how is it used?
Use this PARTIAL example to give you an idea of the high level of quality and content I am looking for in your work.
Culture/Contributions: What are the consequences of technology?
How did geography influence how early humans lived and moved?
Imagine creative ways to present your info...
a timeline, flowchart, web, tree, picture, etc.

Look at examples of other Prezis on the site, try a template, experiment!
Evidence: 200,000 years ago Neanderthal man hunted different animals depending on the season.
Neanderthals lived in Europe and Asia, so the climates and environments they survived in were very different. Geography influenced their lives by forcing them to move constantly to find food, following the herds of animals they hunted to survive. The first early humans were hunter/gatherers who migrated from place to place to find food. The seasons also forced them to find different sources of food throughout the year, like reindeer in the winter and red deer in the summer. Early humans had to adapt to different diets, hunting practices, nomadic lifestyles, and more depending on the geography of the time and place they lived.
Now let's answer these questions with regard to early humans!
Include each of the 5 Essential Questions;
evidence, an early human, and date to support your answer (#5 and #7 are great places to find evidence);
a DETAILED explanation of how your evidence answers the question (I won't tell you how many sentences to write - you know what you can do and is expected to get the grade you desire.);
and a picture that makes sense with your answer.
Next Essential Question - same process...
Now follow the directions in your #8 Packet and get back to work! : )
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