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The Menagerie

No description

Skylar Conran

on 6 June 2017

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Transcript of The Menagerie

"Aww,"Logan said scratching Squorp' s head.
Reason for choosing this book
The reason I chose this book is because when I read the back it had unicorns, phoenix and griffins and those are all things I like.
The Menagerie sounds like a mystery...Catch the book to find out.
Four main characters in the Menagerie is Logan, Blue, Zoe, And Squorp.
The Menagerie
Genre: Mystery
Other books
Will they find the cubs or will someone else???
Some other books are:
Book 3
Book 2

Book 1
Tui T.
The book is about someone leaving the griffin's gate unlocked and 6 griffin cubs escape and they have to find them but Logan thinks they are looking for her dog.
Squorp mich better friend than small scritchies. Small scritchies unnescessary. And delicious.
"NO," Logan said. "We'll get you hamburger instead.Okay? You'll like that much better, I promise."
Suddenly Squorp bolted upright and clacked his beak Frantically.
The little creature leaped onto Logan's bed and burrowed into the bedclothes shedding golden fur all over his sheets.
Why I chose the passage is it leaves a cliffhanger.
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