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Latin America

No description

nicholas harvey

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Latin America

Fun things to do in montego bay Jamaica. canopy tour canopy tour is 3 hours and only cost 88.99 per person. ATV off road tour in Jamaica. Only cost 74.99. The ride lasts four hours. Rose Island Cruise. Last for six hours and will be lots of fun. Rose Island Cruise is only 57.99 Fun things to do in costa rica. Hot springs day from San Jose. Cost 57.99 per person.
Last eleven hours.
Pick up is at 8:00. Includes lunch and dinner. Rain forest trams through the rain forest. It only cost 87.99 per person. It last hours and you will get to see a bunch of wild life.
You can also bring your child Jackson Smeader. White water rafting. cost 65.99 per person. Last two hours. Fun things to do in reo de janeiro Corcoudo mountain Christ redeemer and suger loaf mountain
Day tour. Last all day. 140.00 dollars per person. Tijuca Rain forest jeep tour. Last 4 hours. Cost 58.00 dollars per person. Helecopter tour. last 1 hour. 190.00 dollars per person.
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