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Plant Life in the Tundra

By: Sophia and Karli

Popcorn Cat

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of Plant Life in the Tundra

By: Sophia DeVito and Karli Issaacson Plant Life in the Tundra What is the tundra? Permafrost Some plants that live in the tundra Staying warm The tundra is a long, flat, treeless, rocky plain in arctic regions. It has cool summers and long freezing winters. Also, they usually have very little precipitation, and when they do get it, it is usually in the form of snow or ice. Under the snow and ice of the tundra, there is a permanently frozen sublayer of soil called permafrost. Roots of plants cannot penetrate this frozen layer of soil, so therefore they have to have short roots. Many of plants that live in the tundra are mosses, grasses, and sedges. Most of the plants that live there are small with short roots because the roots cannot penitrate permafrost. The main goal of almost all of the plants in the tudra
have a main goal of keeping warm. They have adapted to the cold climate by finding differentways to stay warm. Many plants grow low to the ground and in clumps to keep from freezing Also, many plants are covered with hair to keep them warm. Some plants are darker colors, sometimes even red to collect more heat and stay warm. And finally, some plants have flowers
that are dish-shaped to collect more
heat from the sun and stay warm. Now you can go to your e-mail, and you can take the online quiz about plant life in the tundra. Good luck! Thanks for watching! Citations http://www.jessstryker.com/national-parks/rocky-mountains/index.htm










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