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Is Florida Preventing Distracted Driving?

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Robert Montenegro

on 21 February 2014

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Transcript of Is Florida Preventing Distracted Driving?

Distracted driving, more specifically the use of cell phones, make drivers extremely dangerous behind the wheel. In a study conducted in 2011, 23% of accidents were due to the use of cell phones, according to OnlineSchool.com’s vast supply of fully reliable and sourced data. The state of Florida is one of the many states that have laws forbidding some of these actions, but as many other states, these laws are rarely enforced. When reading the article written by Rochelle Koff, it is apparent that Florida police officers are limited to how they are able to enforce this law. Drivers are not subject to be pulled over while texting and driving, they are only subject when they are driving recklessly while doing so. Florida officials have even gone as far as saying, on record, that they will not try to enforce the law because of its difficulty to write up and its small repercussions.
Although our responsible selves would want to abide by the laws of our state, there are many things that are preventing this. The state of Florida is not doing enough to prevent distracted driving. The writing of the law, the enforcement of the law, and the drivers on the road are making distracted driving easier and safe driving deteriorate. Please pay attention to the video that follows. Thank you for viewing my presentation.
The State of Florida does not put forth the effort to enforce the laws that are in place to prevent distracted driving. Although keeping ourselves, and others, safe is our responsibility as smart and responsible drivers, laws in Florida are not enforced when they come to preventing distracted driving. Texting and driving, although illegal, is almost never enforced, and has brought controversy to the law’s structure itself. Not only is the law questionable, but so are the drivers.
Even more evidence supporting my claim comes from First County News. This article gives valid evidence from law enforcement officers themselves. The article states, “The Clay County Sheriff's Office has issued zero citations for texting while driving and deputies are saying the statute's language is making it difficult to enforce the law.” Even if the officers of Florida were trying to enforce this law, it is still a problem. This evidence shows that Florida is still not doing enough to prevent distracted driving. Currently, there are no laws in the state of Florida preventing the use of cell phones in general, only texting.
Is Florida Preventing Distracted Driving?
This issue could be argued that as citizens of the state of Florida, we should keep our driving safe, and no matter how small the law is, we should follow it. As valid as that counter-claim is, the fact is that texting seems to be more important to people than saving their, and others’, lives. Based on the research conducted by OnlineSchools.com, “77% of young adults are very, or somewhat confident that they can safely text while driving.” This is shocking to hear, even though 41 U.S. states have laws against texting and driving and the use of cell phones behind the wheel. For instance, another line from the same survey states that, “55% of young adult drivers claim it’s easy to text and drive.” This clearly refutes the argument. Generally, the counter-claim should be common knowledge. It seems that young, and older, drivers are not caring about the laws in the state of Florida or anywhere else.
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