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Katie Swartley

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

A member from the Teacher or Student Dawgs introduces the bill to their house
The bill is voted on in the house it was introduced to (must be at least 11 teachers to vote)
If the vote fails, the bill is put aside
If the vote is in favor, it's sent to the next house to be voted on again
If their vote is in favor, the bill goes to the Executive Branch for final decision
If the vote fails, it's sent back to the first house for revision
In each house, there needs to be a 51% approval rating for the bill to pass Haddonfield Middle School
Student Body Government Co-Leaders of the Student Dawgs Executive Branch The Supreme Dawgs 9 Justices 5 teachers
4 students President Selection Teachers Appointed by President and Vice President, approved by student house of Congress. Students Must be on Honor Roll and get a teacher recommendation. Teacher justices interview and select applicants. Teacher Dawgs approve of the selection. Electoral Process President and Vice President run separately
President has to be in 8th Grade
Vice President can be in either 7th or 8th grade
Election is at beginning of year
Candidates give speech to the whole school Types of Cases 2 volunteers from Student Dawgs
Elected by Student Dawgs
Must be in 8th grade
Must have served at east one year in the Dawg House Cabinet Positions Treasurer & Fundraisers: Handles all money raised by students and all out of school fundraisers.
Activities: In school activities: Spirit Week, Volleyball, etc.
Health and Human Services: Make decisions on Food, Nutrition, and Health Concerns regarding the students Treasurer and Fundraisers Make all decisions with money raised by students due to school activities Activities Plans all activities/fundraisers in school Health and Human Services Takes up all matter concerning food and health issues Impeachment Impeachment: someone from the Dawg House accusing someone of not fulfilling their responsibilities on the judicial or executive branch
Student Dawgs vote on whether or not the offense is impeachable
Teacher Dawgs decide on removal and holds a trial
Members receive same punishment as all other students if found guilty Fair application of the rules
Constitutional issues
Look at hypothetical disputes between students to help the principal on future decisions Liberty Section How a Bill Becomes a Law 48 students (2 per homeroom)
15 to 25 teachers (volunteer)
Terms are one year long
Student Qualifications:
-Maintain "C" Average in all courses
-Must have good attendance and be on their best behavior
-Show participation in government
Students must fill out an application & present visual/speech/letter of their intention to homeroom
Homeroom votes for 2 students
Elections take place the 1st week of October Dawg House President's #1 adviser
7th or 8th grader
Runs separately from the President Vice President Ceremonial responsibilities (in addition to Dr. Priolo)
Pass/veto bills
Appoint cabinet members and justices
State of the school State of the School Address President will address the school one time a year
He will address the school on matters and the current state of our school's environment (open to all grades)
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