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Team Re:Fresh

No description

on 4 February 2016

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Transcript of Team Re:Fresh

Summers are typically hot and muggy.
Fall and spring are generally mild.
Winter is cold.

Impacts types of vegetables to grow based on seasonal climate.
• Challenge for on-site farm to avoid direct wind because winds can dry out or break plants
Planning to grow food on site. Chart shows seasonal vegetables that can be grown in the climate through the year.
Research shows that vegetables must have at least six hours of full sun each day.
Team Re:Fresh
Farm-To-Table Flavored Site Analysis Workbook
CABE Collaborative Studio 2014
Philadelphia University
Miaoxin Wang, Mohammad Alshenaifi,
Prerana Appineni, James Chun

The Experience
The Culture
The Facts
The Systems
The Program
The Case Studies
Guiding Principles
The Goals
*Jungers Culinary Center *Uncommon Ground *Palotta Teamworks HQ *Metropolitan Community College Culinary Arts Building *Benchmarks *Construction Challenges
*Criteria Matrix *Space Needed *Adjacencies *Special Considerations
The Experience
The Culture
The Facts
The Systems
*The What *The Where
The What and the Where
Proposed Culinary School and Farm to Table Restaurant
Secondary Function as Fresh Food Market
Research Findings - International Tourism key sector, Need to hit niche market due to heavy competition
Wind Roses

Case Studies
The Program
Site Analysis
Site Utilities
Transit Trends
National Trends - What people are saying
Fresh Food Access
Tourism Trends
*View *Sensory Experiences
*History *Tourism Trends *National Trends
*Demographics *Neighborhood *Transit Trends *Fresh Food Access
*Site Analysis *Climate/Vegetation *Daylight *Flows
Evidence of national interest in Farm-to-Table dining and sustainability. Opportunity to build trust through transparency of fresh grown food on-site.
Education and Medicine are the main employment sectors.
Pop. Rise of Diverse races
Median Household Income
City drawing international attention and guests ready to spend money on good food. Big opportunity to offer original farm to table dining with ethnic flairs. Strong trends in outdoor dining validate plans for rooftop seating
Sidewalk Cafes, 2002-2011
Active Food Garden Map
Many Farm-to-table restaurant opening proves trend is strong. Reinforces farm to table idea but challenge lies in differentation from existing eateries
Avg. Electric/Gas costs
Our site has a high income
*Philadelphia has access to many types of transit. Proposed plans for a high speed cultural corridor line is very close to our site. Possibilities to be part of that line.
Key Findings
*Growth of well educated young professionals with higher disposable incomes. Opportunity to entice residents with farm to table concept
*Steady growth of diverse cultures allows for opportunity to stand out from other farm to table sites with global culinary techniques
Residents have at least bachelor's
born between 2000 and 2010.
Advantage growing birth less deaths
Farm to Table
Past 30 Restaurant Openings 2012
*The number of urban farms and gardens are growing in Philadelphia
*Visitors like to try out Fine Food
*Recent rise in young professionals in immediate district. Draw on trends toward sustainability and healthy eating
*Great access to large parts of city either walking or by bike. New bike share program gives opportunity to attract sustainability minded individuals
DESIGN Inspirations
- Incorporate rooftop greenhouse, solar thermal, composting, waste diversion
(Uncommon Ground)
- Live cooking demo theater possibly outdoor cooking theater to involve community
(Jungers Culinary)
- Selective space conditioning and evocative building shapes
(Pallotta Teamworks)
- Aquaponics and heavy use glass for daylighting/aesthetic of transparency
(MCC Culinary Arts)
Map shows the need for a zoning variance from residential to mixed commercial to allow for proposed functions. Opportunity to take advantage of the commercial zones of South Street because it draws visitors.
Bike Share gives opportunity for more people to access site. Opportunity to incorporate discounts for those arriving by bike.
Opportunity to add a community garden on site for public use. Additional opportunity to link with existing local farms to have enough local food for the site.
Many points of access to transportation next to our site. Expands our target area and opportunity to enhance access
Many services nearby to attract people. Many visitors but competition poses a challenge. Reinforces idea for ethnic culinary offerings and farm-to-table concept to be distinct. Opportunity to hit a niche market
Graphic shows that winds will be impacted by taller buildings and change the microclimate. Furthermore, sun path data gives an opportunity to capture daylight with windows. Challenge to minimize impacts of excessive wind.
Intent to reuse and reclaim materials for renovation. Allows opportunity to "re-design" spaces in a creative way
Wide south facade gives big opportunity for windows and daylighting. Design concept focused on larger windows on the south face.
Surge of cafes with outdoor seating providing opportunity to add some form of it
Our site concept can help retain nonnative students
Opportunity to show visitors unique architecture of immediate area through tours
Opportunity for community garden and events with guest chefs cooking for the community.
Opportunity to partner with local orgs. to offer short tours of the cemetary, headhouse district, or South street while people wait.
Opportunity for porous pavement. Ideally want to build bathrooms near each other so they can share the same plumbing. Challenge to think of drainage directions for rainwater cisterns and rain gardens.
Utilities are expensive in region. Opportunity for solar thermal and other sustainable techniques to reduce bills.
Goal to give at least least 50% of south facade access to daylight through windows
Site Inventory
*Low Ceiling Height
*Some bathrooms blocking south face
*Lack of elevator, stair placement rigid
*Fire Safety issues - ceilings too low for sprinklers. Need to comply with code requirements
*Unmatched historic Views. Attractive to visitors
*restaurant can take advangtage of the 1st Floor fireplace and views to the cemetary
*large flexible spaces and big front yard to utilize
All Trussed Up with Somewhere to Go, Metropolitan Community College’s Institute for Culinary Arts Takes Another Leap Forward with its New Building on the Fort Omaha Campus | Leo Adam Biga's Blog. Retrieved January 28, 2014, from http://leoadambiga.wordpress.com/2011/05/12/all-trussed-up-with-somewhere-to-go-metropolitan-community-colleges-institute-for-culinary-arts-takes-another-leap-forward-with-its-new-building-on-the-fort-omaha-campus/

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Relationship Diagram

Budget: $270 per Sq. Ft. for renovations
$370 per Sq. Ft. for New Construction
Required Energy
Rainwater Cistern Sizing
10,000 Gallon Tank Anticipated
Opportunity to attract visitors and hospital/university with Farm-to-Table Concept
Sustainable Restaurant Association
Sustainable Guidelines

Guiding Principles
Full transcript