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Exam revision 3: Paragraph answers

No description

Liam Brooks

on 17 October 2017

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Transcript of Exam revision 3: Paragraph answers

LI: To understand the requirements and suggested structure of paragraph answers.

SC: Students will complete a paragraph answer using the suggested structure.
Paragraph answers are in
Section A Part 2
of the exam.

Will either be on
Russia or China (AOS 2)

30 minutes for two questions (15 minutes each)

Some examples... (2016) (2015)


Answer the actual question! (RUUP: Read, Underline, Understand, Plan)

250-300 words each

Usually cause and consequences

Opening sentence that should answer the question with three factors

3-4 key points.

Should include PSAE & HIAE

Have concluding sentence

Signposting in order for the 3-4 points (‘firstly’, 'secondly', 'thirdly' etc.).

Signposting for concluding sentence: 'overall', 'thus', 'therefore'.

Thematic structuring can be useful
ocial: Causes or effects on
common people
(proletariat, peasantry, bourgeoisie, intellectuals, women etc.), standard of living, morale, grievances.
olitical: Causes and effects on
politicians, leaders, Bolsheviks/CCP, other political parties, popular movements (soviets, GMD/CCP, May Fourth Movement
conomic: Causes and effects in the
economic and financial
life of the country, industry, agriculture etc.
ultural: Causes and effects on
intellectual debates, religion, customary traditions and practices etc
ilitary: Causes and effects on t
he army, defence, war etc

Do's and dont's of paragraph answers
events (get to their significance quickly (e.g. causes, effects?)

dot points


Don't put
. It's one big paragraph! It's all good!

Do's and dont's of paragraph answers
How to answer paragraph answers
1. Working individually.

2. Answer one of the following questions:

3. Resources to help you:
Structure guide
Cheat sheet for the topic/s

4. You have 40 minutes.

5. Test conditions.
Practice paragraph answer
Exam revision 3: Paragraph answers
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