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05.04 Understanding 20th Century Poetry

No description

Claudia Rodriguez

on 12 June 2014

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Transcript of 05.04 Understanding 20th Century Poetry

05.04 Understanding 20th Century Poetry
Literary works concerning modernism by Erza Pound and other authors

Stream of consciousness: literary device used to portray the human thought process
1912 - Poetry: A Magazine of Verse, is founded by Harriet Monroe in Chicago

1913 and 1914 - Frost made use of traditional stanzas and crafted the language of common speech into traditional poetic form in two poems he published in 1913 and 1914
1922 - "The Waste Land" by T.S. Eliot is published. Filled with fragments, competing voices, learned allusions, and deeply buried personal details, the poem was read as a dark diagnosis of a disillusioned generation and of the modern world.

Literature of the 1920s reflected the outburst in African American culture (Harlem Renaissance)
Pessimistic and depressing literary works reflected the troubles in the world at that time

Stock market crash
World War II
Spanish Civil War
Rise of Fascism

1936 - Robert Frost's "A Further Range" is published
Thanks for watching!!
Claudia Rodriguez
Music by Michael Nyman
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