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How Does Social Media Impact Teenagers?

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Lom Ran

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of How Does Social Media Impact Teenagers?

What Exactly is Social Media?
What are the Risks?
Social Media, though it may seem harmless can have a big impact on children and teens. 90% of teens (polled by Common Sense Media) have used social networking websites. The risks include affecting the face to face communication skills, affecting the mental and physical health of teens, affecting their school grades, and cause problems (such as cyberbullying) that can sometimes be fatal.
Does it Affect their Grades?
Due to addiction to social media, teenagers tend to procrastinate, become distracted and not complete homework assignments. According to research, students who check their social networking websites during a 15 minute study period have lower grades then those who do not. High school students on social networking sites have lower GPA's than those who do not.
Does It Affect the Way Teens Communicate?
Teens use social media very often. Sometimes to a point where teens do not have good face to face communication skills, as it makes them withdrawn from reality. Most businesses want employees with good social skills. Due to an addiction to social websites, teens do not have these needed skills.
Does Social Media Have an Impact on Teenagers?
Social Media- Just How Dangerous is It?
This video explains how much social media is used today and just how dangerous it can be.
Does Social Media Affect the Mental Health of Teens?
Social media is an internet based form of communication through networks and websites. It is accessible worldwide. Social media has become increasingly popular with children ages 9 and up. Some popular social websites include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Instagram and countless others. Social Media can help teens talk to friends, boost self-esteem and make them feel less shy. But with all positives, comes a few negatives.
Does Social Media Cause Bullying?
Cyberbullying is someone using technology and electronic communication to harass and bully a victim. In October 2013,
collected data from 400 middle school students and found that 97.5% have been online in the last 30 days and 11.5% of those 400 have been targeted for cyberbullying (16% being girls). Cyberbullying is a cause of many teen suicides in the U.S.
Social Media
Social media does have an impact on teenagers. It is a cause of concern to school administrations and parents because it effects spill into school life as well, and cannot be easily monitored by adults. Social media websites will only keep on increasing if their are millions of users. Unfortunately this problem will continue among preteens and teens.
Social Media causes mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, especially in teen girls. Teen girls are bullied online about appearance and looks, this can usually lead to eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia. Social media is also a major source containing unrealistic expectations for girls. Some teens lose track of reality and get sucked into the world of social networking.
Video by Seneca Multimedia Class
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