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My Carrer: Chef

No description

Micheala Hames

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of My Carrer: Chef

My Career as a Head Chef The official job duties of a head chef pertain to overseeing the operations of a kitchen. All kitchen staff report to the head chef. The head chef also determines which equipment and ingredients are necessary to keep in the inventory. She decides the menu, the specials, the frequency with which the menu changes, the sizes of portions and the garnishes that are used. But the position demands a host of other duties, skills and qualities, some of which may come as a surprise. Just as job duties vary among head chefs, so do their salaries. The lower end of the salary scale is a disappointing $25,000 per year, but the high end--populated by pros who work as personal chefs for celebrities or as head chefs in five-star restaurants--tops $200,000 annually. Keiser University in Sarasota Florida has a great culinary arts program. I think that cooking will be most of aa high demand in cities like sanfransico and tampa in the future. i think that people will really rely on chefs in 10 years or so. The customers of this bussines are everyday regular people who eat food. Chefs use lots of technology like ovens and cooking devices. Math is used in this career when you need to measure a certain amount of something to put in your food. It is very important for the chefs to be able to work together and get along because if they dont then it would be quite hard to create good food. An ethical issue in this company would be gin=ving someone a recipe for one of your best dishes.
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