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How To Use Medico-Scientific Discourse to Scare and Indoctrinate your Children

Sedgewick, Lesko and Foucault confer

Amanda Garrison

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of How To Use Medico-Scientific Discourse to Scare and Indoctrinate your Children

Gay, Straight, and the In-Between Teen I believe that this will to truth - tends to exert a sort of pressure and something like a power of constraint on other discourse. - Foucault, 1157 I am thinking of the way in which a body as prescriptive as the penal system sought its bases or its justification, at first of course in a theory of justice, then, since the nineteeth century, in a sociological, psychological, medical and psychiatric knowledge: it is as if even the word of the could no longer be authorized...except by a discourse of truth. - Foucault, 1157 HU ...in all societies, with great consistency, a kind of gradation
among discourses: those which are said in the ordinary course of days and exchanges,
and which vanish as soon as they have been pronounced; and those which give rise to
a certain number of new speech acts which take them up, transform them or speak
of them...those discourses which, over and above their formulation, are said indefinitely,
remain said, and are to be said again. -Foucault 1158 Although conceptions and representations of
adolescence existed prior to the late 1800s,
in that time period youth became an object
of the emerging sciences of psychology,
anthropology, and pedagogy. ...social and economic progress was seen as problem of virility and adolescent development was a vehicle through which to discuss the means to secure strong wills and disciplined bodies among middle-class White males. - Lesko 143 Denaturalizing... One sees this dimension of concern over boys in the specatcular growth of character-building organizations such as the Boy Scouts and and youth programs of the YMCA... -Lesko 145 Concerns about feminized boys were acute... ...scientific conceptualizations of development ... defined middle-class White male characteristics as normative for adulthood and denigrated characteristics and behaviors identified as feminine or childish. - Lesko 146 and/or dominance GENDER? SEXUALITY? The reason effeminate boys turn out gay...is that other men don't validate them as masculine. - Sedgewick 22 Historical accounts portray these decades (early 20th Century)
as fateful, where America would prosper or decline, a clear turning
point in the nation's history. ...The emergent discourse on adolescence
also spoke with an to concerns about manliness, strength and dominance. - Lesko 143 What is Core Gender Identity? strength Sedgwick quotes Richard C. Friedman, “The distinction between nonconformists and people with psychopathology is usually clear enough during childhood. Extremely and chronically effeminate boys, for example, should be understood as falling into the latter category.” – Sedgwick 19. Gender Identity Disorder of Childhood: girl =claims that she actually is anatomically male. Boy = if he merely asserts ‘that it would be better not to have a penis’…or by a compelling desire to participate in the games and pastimes of girls. –Sedgwick 20. She refers to a case with a doctor and a patient…and describes that this doctor told the parents of these children that their rage at “their effeminate sons is really only a desire to protect them from peer-group cruelty.” – Sedgwick 25 If I had ever, in any medium, seen any researcher or popularizer refer even once to any supposed gay-producing circumstance as the proper hormone balance, or conducive endocrine environment, for gay generation, I would be less chilled by the breezes of all this technological confidence. - Sedgwick 26 QUESTIONS? CONNECTIONS?
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