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Rosie by Robert Mapplethorpe

No description

Aly Castle

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Rosie by Robert Mapplethorpe

"Rosie" by Robert Mapplethorpe Scholar's Arguments First argument:
Mapplethorpe's work is obscene and meant to be pornographic

Second argument:
Mapplethorpe cared about surface appearances, the subject matter was only meant to produce an aesthetically pleasing image. My Argument Work is neither pornographic or about surface appearance.
Trying to make a name for himself - experimenting
Differs greatly from his other works Context Description Analysis Conclusion Mapplethorpe's photograph was an innocent portrait of a child - not graphic or mere surface

Trying something new - and trying to make an impression during a time of changing art Any questions? In the 70s, changing art scene in NY

Trying to do something new and distinct
Not against a studio backdrop

In her own element (and parents present)
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