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MidSummer Night's Dream Analysis Project: Order VS. Disorder

No description

Samir Panjwani

on 11 September 2012

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Transcript of MidSummer Night's Dream Analysis Project: Order VS. Disorder

Samir Panjwani And Christian Wilson MidSummer Night's Dream Analysis Project: Order VS. Disorder What Is
Order VS. Disorder? "The need for a balance between the rational and irrational, between rules and magic, in the interests of love, harmony and creativity." The storyline of the play goes back and forth from real and artificial
Artificial Hermias Disobedience Hermia threatens the order of her family when she decides to marry Lysander against her fathers will. For example at the beginning of the play even though they are in a tangled web of love its real and not caused by an artificial source (magic).
However towards the climax of the play they are disrupted by an inaccurate source of magic (Puck) with a good intention, but ends up making the love web even more complex.
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