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No description

Massudah K.M

on 11 December 2014

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Transcript of J.U.S.T.I.C.E

Government type and structure:
- Limited water
( 100 liters per house, per day)

- Town houses are attached to others

- Every year, government select 7 kids above the age of 8 to battle for their community

Team J.U.S.T.I.C.E
The Banned Community
Community Rules:
Each morning, Eco Path members head to church. After church, the kids go to school, the parents and adults do their role ( assigned jobs ) and the elders go to the gardening center to take care of the plants. Every month, each member goes to the doctor for a daily check-up. Every year the government holds an assembly to get assigned. For example: assigned jobs, retirement, marriage, assigned kids and getting banned. School ends at age 25, but you can bail at age 18. You will get a license for an electric scooter. The maximum people in your family is 4 but when you get married you move to another house. Each year 7 children get picked to go to battle with other communities. Each family member has a schedule of taking a shower so they won't waste water. The limit of taking a shower is 3 minutes. Everyone needs to come back home by 8:30pm and wake up at 9:00am (from work and for kids who play outside). This is the life of each Eco Path community members.
Size and physical description of community:
- Community is divided into 2

- The Eco-path community and The Banned-path community

- 10,000 people in the Eco-Path Community at the beginning

- Christian community

- If members disobey rules, they will be banned

About the community:
The Eco Path Community Daily Routine
Obeying the community:
Roles and responsibilities
- Every elderly about ages 50+ has a role of gardening each and every morning

- Every child needs to clean up after themselves

- Ages 18+ gets assigned to a job by the Seniors

- Ages 26-49 gets assigned to marriage and children

- All members must attend church, every morning, everyday
- for people who disobeyed the community rules

- food is given once per day ( raw vegetables with half glass of water)

- every member wears black and white striped clothing

- live in cottages with people based by ages

- people who are not Christians are also part of the Banned community

- Respecting all members of the community

- Killing nature is prohibited

- Adults are not to make children unless it's assigned by the Seniors

- Each member has a curfew to be back at their houses by 8:30 in the evening. They sleep at 9:00pm

- Going to battle with other communities

- Nature is everywhere

- No children is to work unless it is assigned by the Seniors

- Doctors come for a check-up every month

- Healthy foods are only provided

- Everyone ages 12+ gets a phone which is attached to their left hand

- All members in a community are:
- eco-friendly
- respectful
- caring
- responsible
Who are the Seniors?
- assign members jobs, children, marriage, homes and retirement

- who judge every member by their looks

- who do not allow any visitors to visit their community unless its for battling purposes

- who help the government choose young children to go to battle each year

Post- Apocalyptic Society
When the old government were in the community, it was peaceful, multicultural, and religious. That time a group of people really wanted to become the government, so they killed them and took over the community. Now they have new rules. Everything is the same now. Everyone is Christian and they have transferred all non-Christians in The Banned-path community. No one can stop it. NO ONE!
In the year 4068, Judith, Ursula, Shon, Theo, Ivy, Christa and Evan have been selected to battle for their community. They were all 13 years old. These children decided to call themselves "Team J.U.S.T.I.C.E". While they went to other communities to train, they saw that another community called Morendalle was free, multicultural and different. They didn't have to work because the government lets them have a choice to work. When the team got back to their community, they all told their family members about the other community. The next day, the Morendalle community visited the Eco path community to train. They saw how strict and unpeaceful that community was and that's how the family members of team J.U.S.T.I.C.E believed that they were right. Ever since that day, all members of the community have been against the government and have given them threats so that their community can be like the Morendalle and other free and peaceful communities.

Utopian Society:
• Disobeying the community

• Warned or kicked out of community
• Making children work
• Having peacekeepers who watch out for children
• Killing nature
• When plants randomly grow in pathways, they should transfer it into the community garden
• Addiction to technology
• Have a limit of playtime
A Hundred years later, this utopian community became into a dystopian community. Everything changed. The government rules, shelters, food and most importantly, the lives of each and every community member was not the same anymore.
In this society, humans and plants are the only living things. No animals, or insects. Each year, the government choose 7 kids ages 8-14 years old to battle other communities. To the community, it's a sport. No visitors are aloud to visit unless it is for battling purposes.
The community Message:
The Seniors are controlling every ones lives so members know what will be going on in their future and they will not make bad choices
There is a limited amount of water so all members can use it for important purposes only. They will also have a better understanding of how people are living without water
BY: Faiza Robbani and Massudah Khair Muhammad
• start pre-school at age 2 and end at age 4

• start elementary school at age 5 and end at age 11

• start middle school at age 12 and end at age 14

• start college at age 15 and end at age 17

• members get assigned to jobs at age 18
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