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event horse vs college horse

No description

brandon heaton

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of event horse vs college horse

Daily routine of a
event horse
compared to a college horse.
Brandon Heaton Today I'm going to present a short PowerPoint comparing the daily routine and care of a event horse compared to a college horse.
Looking at Exercise, medical/health care, feed, wardrobe (rugs/boots). Introduction
What are they used for ?
Event horse An event horse is used for competing, so they need to have good performance to be able to perform at the competition to the best of their capabilities. All there routine is aimed for them to be fit and ready for there competition. College horse A college horse is used to train students how to ride. Their routine is based on them being able to be rode once or twice a day. Event horse Exercise
An event horse will begin their seasonal work from about the 1st of January. The will have varied but detailed plan of what they are going to work on to be ready for their competition. they will do work hacking, schooling, jumping, ground work and interval training (improves respiratory and cardio system). An event horse is rode to be trained. College horse An college horse will probably start their work at the start of the college year (September). They are rode by a varied amount of students with different riding capabilities, so may not be always schooled or rode correctly. They do not really have a plan and it is mostly in the school apart from the occasional hack or ground work session. A college horse is rode to train the rider. Event horse Medical/ health care They need 2 vaccinations a year
Feet done every 6 weeks
teeth checking every 6 month
Need a worm count and worming
clean environment
health checks
alternative therapies massage pad

College horse
Medical/heath care
Only need one vaccination a year
feet trimmed or shod every 7 to 8 weeks
teeth checked but not a regular
Will have a worm count
Clean environment
health checks Event horse Feed An event horse will be fed hard feed that will enhance its performance and muscle development. Energy can be obtained from fibre, starch and oil. Protein are also used to improved performance, and the build and repair of tissues. College horse A college horse is fed hard feed basically to keep weight on, keep them going and so they supplements/medication needed can get into them. Event horse Wardrobe An event horse will have a varied wardrobe of rugs, boots/bandages. the boots will be used for protection when riding, hacking, in the field, in the stable and traveling, to keep the legs sound. Rugs will be used for mostly appearance reasons keeping the coat down and clean. the event horse will may wear magnetic boots and rugs. College horse The college horse will just have a basic wardrobe rugs and boots/bandages. The college horse will wear a rug to keep them warm and also keep their coat clean and down. The will have basic boots over reach, brushing and tendon boots, used for jumping and ground work. bandages are also used on the yard for support and to help with filled legs. Both horse's event and college still need the same basic care.
The differences are based on the job that they perform, so the event horse needs to be fit, have energy and sound, where the college horse needs to be sound enough to work and be fit enough to do one or two rides a day. Conclusion
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