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Gay Rights

Just because someones sexual orientation is different from yours does not make them far lesser than you of being human!

Kim Wypych

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Gay Rights

let's take a walk in rainbow shoes LGBT Rights in Canada: How did we come to call homosexuals as: Canada's Gay Rights: Gay, queer, and fag? The term "gay" meant joyful, carefree, bright and showy means something different, out of the ordinary, and/or strange The term faggot meant a bundle of sticks Fag is British slang for cigarette Both these terms still contain the same meaning in many English speaking countries outside North America How was Homosexuality Viewed as Back Then? What Motivated for Change? Consider a mental disease Homosexuality and any practice of it was known for as a sin The bible suggested to kill those if caught in the act or was public about it Let's Go When Hitler was on his way to attempting to purify German society and propagate an "Aryan master race", they condemned homosexuals as "socially aberrant." What has been accomplished for Gay Rights? How it defines us as Canadians EQUALITY The actual definition for the term "fag" is working hard and/working till wearied Stonewall Media Celebrities Coming Out- Ellen Social Inequality Taken off the list of mental disorders Not to be discriminated at work Common law partnership Marriage privileged Gay bar raids Against the law 1968 1969 1976 1977 1985 1988 2002 2005 1978 In 1978

Quebec became the first province in Canada to include in its provincial charter of human rights and freedoms to pass a gay civil rights law. December 21, 1968 May 14, 1969

Canada decriminalizes homosexual acts In 1976

Riots broke out due to police cracking down gay bars in Montreal's Stanley Street gay village. In December, 1977

Quebec becomes the 2nd jurisdiction in the world, behind only Denmark, to pass a law banning discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. In June, 1985

When programs to combat anti-gay discrimination and violence occurred. On February 29, 1988

Svend Robinson becomes Canada's first openly gay elected Member of Parliament On May 10, 2002

In Marc Hall, a judge orders the Durham Catholic School District to allow Marc, an openly gay student, to bring a same-sex date to the high school prom. Harvey Milk Derived from the French word "gai" Only in the 20th century was when "gay" was refereed to homosexuals "All men are created equal. No matter how hard you try, you cannot chip those words off the Statue of Liberty and no matter how hard you try, you cannot sing the star spangled banner without those words. That's what America is. Love it or leave it."

-Harvey Milk Justice Minister Pierre Trudeau Back In Time July 20, 2005 Why are our Gay Rights significant? Even though Canada has Gay Rights... Are we entirely equal? Discrimination
Bullying within schools/work place
Gay bashing
Hate crimes
Intolerance within households
Heterosexism within the media Supportive Organizations LGBT Orientated Youth Groups - Mosaic (Calgary, Alberta)
It Get's Better - YouTube videos
GSA (Gay/Straight Alliances) in schools
Affirming churches
LGBT Summer Camps - Firefly (Calgary AB, Edmonton AB, and Regina, SK)
GALE (Gay And Lesbian Educators) Bibliography Kim's Uncles - Rob McCormack and Cody Rothery, Calgary AB, personal conversations
Kim's friend Elise Hessel, Calgary AB, personal conversations
Mosaic - Miscellaneous Youth Network http://www.facebook.com/groups/12070425092/
"The Times of Harvey Milk" - Gus Van Sant
"Boys Don't Cry" - Kimberly Peirce Hate crimes
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