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Gimp Presentation

In Progress

Noah Kennedy

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of Gimp Presentation

GIMP: How it All Began... Customizable Interface http://gimp-tutorials.net/ The Artist's Guide to GIMP GIMP Website Gimp's Purpose The GIMP website has many tutorials ranging from beginner difficulty up to expert, including script editing and web tutorials.

It also provides a link to download GIMP for free. Handy website that has user created graphics with detailed tutorials to replicate the results. Also organized into neat tabs that range from effects to icons/buttons to website layouts! Book designed for artists that features advanced techniques for photo editing, advertisement creation, and even simple artwork creation! Gimp allows you to customize the work environment
With multiple tools such as widget themes, widget spacing and icon size and custom tool sets Although at first the massive amount of features and tools may seem daunting, the program is laid out in a logical, clear manner.
Users familiar with Photoshop will have no difficulty transitioning to GIMP. Michael Reynolds
Noah Kennedy
Harry Dixon Was created by Spencer Kimball and Peter Mattis, two students at Berkeley, as a project for CS164 in 1995. They worked on the project for 9-10 months until it was released to the public. Gimp is now at version 2.8.2. Released 09/03/12. -GIMP is a free, open source, layer based pixel editor. It is designed as a community driven project, and users are encouraged to modify and enhance the program as they like. GIMP USER BASE
AND TUTORIALS Being a popular pixel editor, there are millions of sites and books that can help both the beginner and the expert create some amazing works of art in GIMP all done by people who use GIMP! GIMP features an extensive set of tools to allow for easy manipulation and creation of photos and artwork. Digital Retouching
Photo Enhancement
Customizable Interface Features Feature
specifics Very similar features and functions to PS: Pencil/Brush/Pen/Airbrush (incl. custom brushes)
Layers and channels
Transformation tools
Filter gallery, gradient and blend tools
Range of supported file formats incl. bmp, gif,jpeg, pdf, png, ps, psd, tiff. http://www.gimp.org/ GIMP REVIEWED GIMP Ease of Access Issues Because of its similarity to PS users may become frustrated by small changes.
Some feel like changes made for the sake of being different from PS.
"If it isn't broken, why fix it?" Demo and
Questions Photo Enhancement You can fix perspective distortion
Eliminate lens barrel distortion and gimp includes a channel mixer for images. Sources http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GIMP



http://www.amazon.com (search GIMP in books)

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