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Elizabeth Kane

No description

Halie Swanson

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of Elizabeth Kane

Elizabeth Kane

Her Family
Thomas Kane - 52
married for 25 years
met Elizabeth at Yale University
currently editor-in-chief of the Hartford Courant, one of the biggest newspapers in Connecticut
Blake - 18
Samantha - 18
Hayden - 16
John - 15
Thomas Jr. - 14
lives in Hartford, Connecticut
50 years old
married and has five kids
Education and Career
graduated from Yale University with a bachelor's in Political Science
middle school teacher for five years while putting herself through law school at Yale
currently a lawyer (public prosecutor)
"We Got This" States
Connecticut Pennsylvania
California Colorado
Illinois Missouri
Vermont North Carolina
Rhode Island Massachusetts
Washington Oregon
"Pretty Sure" States
Delaware Michigan
Hawaii Minnesota
Indiana New Mexico
Maine New York
"Battleground" States
"No Way José" States
Texas Tennessee
Louisiana Kentucky
Oklahoma West Virginia
Mississippi Kansas
Alabama Nebraska
Georgia South Dakota
South Carolina Utah Arkansas Wyoming Idaho New Hampshire
"I am Elizabeth Kane, and I approve this message."
Creating a clearer and structured law for immigrants to become an American.

Border securities exist not to make traveling into the U.S. more difficult but to protect the U.S. from terrorists and their weapons, therefore a secure background check of the persons and their belongings is needed.
Owning a United States citizenship should have strict requirements but should not have to be a hassle; to become a U.S. citizen, the person must acquire and hold a green card (a permanent residence card) for 5 years
Decreasing our national deficit
decrease spending while still maintaining the social welfare programs
increase taxes for the wealthiest Americans (households with more than $300,00 in yearly income)
Nevada: In Nevada, our healthcare platform will help us to reach the base with assurance of quality and affordable healthcare for all. This position will appeal to swing voters by showing that our candidate’s platform is very similar to the wishes of the majority of Nevada citizens.
Iowa: In Iowa, our position that validity of residence in the United States should be based on proper identification documents will help us reach the base. Illegal immigrants will be prevented as much as possible; documented proof will be necessary coming up/down to the United States.
Wisconsin: In Wisconsin, our deficit platform will help us appeal to the base through our wish to tax the most wealthy Americans according to their income.
Ohio: Immigration is a controversial issue in Ohio, being that some highly oppose it and others favor more of a compromise. Our candidate plans to make laws more structured and clear and to make the process of citizenship and visas easier. However, borders will be modified to protect the country from terrorists and illegal immigrants, who could bring problems to our country.
Virginia: Our candidate plans to win Virginia with our healthcare platform that ensures quality healthcare for all Virginians and for all Americans. She intends to keep the Affordable Care Act to provide insurance for the poor, hardworking people, and the elderly, as well as the children of those struggling to provide care for their children.
Alaska: Mark Begich, an Alaskan Democratic Jr. Senator, is outnumbered in the support of ObamaCare. He supports care for all Alaskans. However, our candidate intends to benefit all Americans by 2024, allowing enough time for minor changes and compromises with the slight Republican majority in Alaska.
Arizona: Arizona is currently dealing with immigration issues on the southern U.S. border with Mexico. With a stricter immigration policy, there will be a clearer understanding of the law for whomever is crossing the border into the United States territory. The more structured immigration policies will surely protect Arizonans living near the U.S./Mexico border through security.
Montana: An important issue in the state of Montana is directed towards agricultural and farming families. With our deficit platform to support the middle class by decreasing the taxes for middle class families with a household income of less than $300,000 per year, we will be able to protect the middle class community.
New Jersey: According to a poll taken by New Jerseyans through AARP New Jersey, more than half of the state’s residents are dissatisfied with its current healthcare, complaining for its lack of quality and efficiency. By improving on the healthcare quality in addition to providing slight tax cuts for families that make less than $50,000 per year and remaining on a big company insurance plan, there will be a better way to provide healthcare for all people.
North Dakota: Due to an oil gas boom in North Dakota, more jobs are offered for middle class families. By raising taxes only for the wealthy Americans and not requiring families with a total household income of less than $300,000 to pay those higher taxes, we will encourage a stronger middle class.
Ensure that the Republican Congress will not repeal the Affordable Care Act
the competition that insurance companies face with government-issued healthcare will eventually lower the overall cost, so taxpayers will see their money back
Congress and the President must work together to remove the SGR (sustainable growth rate) system and enact a more flexible, more fair way to determine physician fees
This country has never been a country of regression. It is stated in the constitution that our actions are “in order to form a more perfect union”. We have never been one to backtrack in our most dire times; we have never thought of giving up the moment things became unpredictable. That is simply not our style. Do we want to regress, or do we want to move forward, blazing a bright trail of progression for our children?

In order to progress the way we want, we have to decrease the deficit by decreasing spending without compromising the welfare programs. Additionally, we have to enact slight tax increases on households that make a combined income of $300,000 or more. This will effectively expand the middle class and restore their power.

In regards to immigration, we must create more clearly structured laws for immigrants that want to become Americans. We will require valid work visas, and enact more efficient and safe travel across the borders without weakening control. Finally, becoming a citizen of the United States should not be the hassle that it is. We should be proud that these people are willing to uproot their lives just for a shot at being able to live, love, and prosper in our great country.

We also must ensure that the newly Republican-dominant Congress will not repeal the Affordable Care Act, which currently provides millions of Americans with quality health care. No one should be denied prescriptions or treatment for their preexisting conditions. No young adult should be forced off their parents’ plan. No person who has lost their job should also lose their insurance. And I don’t want to see millions of people without healthcare just because a few people in Washington DC could not agree.

This is your choice to make, America. And it’s not a choice between Democrat or Republican; red or blue; man or woman. This is a choice about the future of our country.
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