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Uber Presentation For IT&Proj. Mang. Class

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Sam Chaouch

on 22 October 2014

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Transcript of Uber Presentation For IT&Proj. Mang. Class

Sam Chaouch
Jason Cairns
Matt Franz

What is Uber?
Industry and type of business
Strengths that differ from other businesses
Uber is a B2B company
For profit
Uber and it Competitors
Industry Analysis
Buyer Behavior
Competitor Analysis
Business Portfolio Analysis
Product/Market Analysis
Organization Chart
Uber Launch Party
Corporate Social Responsibility
LA based non-profit
Dedicated to keeping LA beaches clean
Donation of 2% of every Uber Prestige ride
• In over 70 cities world wide
• Great Brand Name
• Luxury Service; attracts high-end customers
• Very convenient because of the phone app; Great user experience and great user interface
• Pricing compared to other companies is both at a lower cost and still at a reasonable price that most customers value
• Has great customer trust due to driver ratings
• Is very diverse: private drivers, ice cream trucks, motorbikes, BBQ trucks, choppers
• No expensive advertising; dependent on word of mouth and social media

• Uber deals with only contracted providers that go through strict inspection in order to become an Uber rep.
• Uber is the dispatch, administration and biller for the contracted providers. All the providers have to do is accept the jobs that come through there i-phone which is giving for free when becoming a provider.
Customers need the app to use the contracted Uber providers. Service can only be accessed through the smart phone technology

• 20 million dollars Gross Revenue a week!

10 Billion dollars in revenue per year.

Valued at 3.4 Billion dollars
• There is many competitors in the market: Lyft, LeCab,Hail-0, inGoGo, MTaxi, GoCatch, GoGet
• If there is an increase in demand for this service, even more competitors will enter this market
• Lawsuit can be common and if won by a city can damage Uber brand

- Generation Y population increasing, Baby Boom generation retiring.
- Generation Y is more influenced by social media.
- Nearly 1/7 Americans living in Metropolitan areas
- Demand for car sharing services is going up
- 48% of the people who use these services eventually end up not getting a car or selling their own car.
Only Company to offer..

Two New Top Executives
- US GDP grew at 2.6% in 2013, predicting a 2.7% growth for 2014
- Americans applying for unemployment benefits
- Rise in taxes for high-income earners.
- The credit card debt s
- Americans spending more on services
- Purchases of “big-ticket” items decline for the third straight month

- Theme is based around the busy city life and how to get around easier
Simple black and white background pictures of people and very nice cars
The logo is slowly gaining brand recognition as the business rapidly grows
5 Straight-forward sections to use
Dashboard: Homepage that explains Uber
Promotions: Page that allows you to enter promo- code to retrieve money off rides
Payment: Section to set up credit card info/change info
Settings: Allows you to change general information
Get FREE Rides: gives you an invite link to send to a friend that allows both of you to get $20 off a ride!

- GoGreenRide .
- Lyft, mandatory for people to pay higher tip and peak times; higher demand; up to 25%
- GrabTaxi gradually growing


Show price of fares

- Blog
-updates on different locations and products
Links to Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin
- Human Capital: Will need 20 well-trained, considerate drivers.
- Twenty Cars: 10 Bentley, 5 Maybach, 5 Rolls Royce
- Gasoline & Maintenance
- Social Media Networks

Uber connects people through simple interface and innovative smart phone technology to provide a unique and user friendly way of transportation
Taxi Cab & Limo Industry
1. The profitability of individual companies depends on good marketing
2. The US industry is fragmented
3. Top 50 companies account for less than 35 percent of industry revenue; largest 4 companies in the industry generate less than 3% of revenue
4. Not Many opportunity for 3rd parties:
-Average annual salary of a taxi cab driver 2012 ($22,440). Total numbers of taxi cab drivers are 239,900. Expected percent job increase over the next 10 years
5. Concentrated in a few major cities
Northeast + California => 50% entire industry’s revenues

Taxicabs: Pick up while driving.
Limousines: Pick up telephone request
Driver by the hour, FHV
Uber, Hailo, and competitors attemptin to carve out as big as a space possible for themselves in the taxi and limousine business industry.
Raised over $100 million ($50m at Hailo, $57m at Uber)
“Hundreds of millions” to fuel expansion at a $3.5 billion valuation

1. Psychological Influences
Middle to high-class people
Personal needs: Status, respect, prestige
Person’s self-concept: actual / ideal
2. Psychographics analysis:
Achievement motivated groups: want success
Uber Prestige- High-resources group: Successful, Sophisticated, take-charge, high-self esteem, abundant resource

Customer will view Uber Prestige...
As a car service for the wealthy, elite class
As the most luxurious, high-class car service in the world
As the most convenient way to order a car service
As the most innovative car service of its kind
- Started as UberCab by Garrett Camp, and co-founder
Travis Kalanick in 2009
- Mobile app is available on both iPhones and Androids
- Process is Simple:
1. Download the app
2. Add your credit card info.
3. Set a pick up location
4. Set a drop off location- you will get a fare quote
5. Uber picks you up

Company History &Background
Nature of Business
providing a simple way to arrange different modes of transportation.
Luxurious and prestigious way of travel
Eliminate waving down taxis and make transport as easy as pressing a button.
is better because
Intelligent technology
Private Driver
Request from phone
Hassel free payments
Why is succesfull
Brent Callinicos: former VP, Treasurer & Chief Accountant at Googles is new Uber CFO. One of top financial minds in the technology industry
Questions: What insight do you bring from Google that will improve an already high-quality app/site?
Do you plan on changing the format or just adding to it?
What changes can you make for the app/site to be more attractive.

Ed Baker: former Head of International Growth at Facebook will be new head of growth at Uber. A founder/entrepreneur who brings deep insight into viral and social products. He is known as one of the architects of the consumer internet growth discipline.
Questions: How can you make Uber easier to use?
How do you plan on expanding without investing in advertising?
What are the realistic goals to achieve in 2014?
Initial funding came from group of super angel investors in 2010 from Silicon Valley.

In early 2011, they raised $11.5 million, later that year another $32 million from several investors including Goldman Sachs.

Website Design and Navigation
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