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MIT's motto Mens et Manus is Latin for...

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Pam Searle

on 7 September 2018

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Transcript of MIT's motto Mens et Manus is Latin for...

LGO Info Session Trivia

School of Engineering Trivia
Sloan Trivia
MIT Trivia
LGO Trivia
MIT has 665 full-time professors, with even more associate professors, assistant professors, and lecturers.
LGO enrolls 45-50 students in each cohort. The small cohort size makes the class very tight-knit, and makes it easy to form lifelong friendships.
What companies do LGOs work for post-graduate?
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
MIT’s Mascot is a_____named Tim.
a. Flamingo
b. Beaver
c. Husky
d. Terrier

MIT’s Mascot is a Beaver, nature’s engineer, named Tim. His name is derived from spelling MIT backwards.
MIT’s Stata Center, completed in 2004, was designed by what famous Architect?
a. I.M. Pei
b. Frank Gehry
c. Richard Meier
d. Rem Koolhass

The Stata Center was designed by architect Frank Gehry.
MIT’s class ring is called the...
a. Speckled Flower
b. Gold Dome
c. Brass Rat
d. Chrome Engineering Tool

MIT’s class ring is called the brass rat: a nocturnal animal linked to building things. The brass rat is reputed to be one of the most recognizable rings in the world.
How many Nobel Laureates are current or former members of the MIT community?
a. 52
b. 63
c. 72
d. 87
87 current or former members of the MIT community have won the Nobel Prize in physics, chemistry, economics, medicine/physiology, and in peace.

MIT Leaders for Global Operations
How many students are in each LGO cohort?
MIT Sloan's student clubs are an opportunity for leadership in professional, social, recreational, and/or cultural activities. How many student clubs are there at MIT Sloan?
There are more than 60 clubs at Sloan, which range from professional to social. Clubs organize large conferences, organize company visits, and help other members learn more about an industry or function.
What is the largest student run conference in the United States?
a. MIT Venture Capital Conference
b. MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference
c. Sloan Women in Management Conference
d. MIT Sloan BioInnovations Conference

The MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference is the largest student run conference in the United States with 3,500 attendees, 300+ sports organizations, 80+ teams represented, and 480 students from 180+ academic institutions.
The MBA class is comprised of how many students?
a. 350
c. 400
b. 450
c. 650

Our tight-knit class size is about 400 total students with 350 MBAs and 50 Leaders for Global Operations (LGO) students.
How many faculty teach at MIT Sloan?
Over 200 faculty along with practitioners and visiting faculty, with expertise in over 20 disciplines, teach classes at MIT Sloan each year and are readily available to students.
What key attributes is the admissions committee looking for in an applicant?
a. High academic potential
b. Demonstrated personal achievement
c. Natural sense of leadership
d. Strong self-motivation
e. All of the above
The admissions committee looks for applicants with high academic potential, demonstrated personal achievement, strong self-motivation, and a natural sense of leadership.
What is the most important piece of the MIT Sloan application?
a. GMAT score
b. Interview
c. Essays
d. Letters of recommendations
e: All of the above
The Admissions committee takes a holistic approach and
aspects of the application are equally evaluated.
The top Partner Company hiring companies of LGOs are:

Which MIT Sloan professor founded the field of System Dynamics?
a. Edward B. Roberts
b. Richard Beckhard
c. Thomas J. Allen
d. Jay W. Forrester

MIT Fact
System Dynamics was developed at MIT Sloan by Professor Emeritus, Jay W. Forrester. Today system dynamics is taught around the world and used by corporations, nonprofits, schools, and governments.
Which MIT Sloan Professor is considered “the nation’s leading expert on aviation safety?”
a. Edward B. Roberts
b. Edgar Schein
c. Stewart Myers
d. Arnold Barnett

Called “the nation’s leading expert on aviation safety,” Professor Arnold Barnett, PhD ’73, is recognized with the President’s Citation from the Flight Safety Foundation for “truly outstanding contributions on behalf of safety.” Barnett applies mathematical modeling to understand complex issues in aviation.
How large is the MIT alumni network?
a. 50,000
b. 80,000
c. 100,000
d. 128,000

MIT alumni creates a network of over 134,000. If the active companies founded by MIT graduates formed an independent nation, their revenues would make that nation at least the eleventh-largest economy in the world.
MIT Fact
Condensed soup was invented by an MIT grad.
MIT Fact
The beaver beat out the kangaroo and elephant to become the mascot in 1914

How many faculty are there at MIT?
MIT Fact
The School of Engineering is ranked as #1 by U.S. News for Best Engineering Schools
How many departments does the School of Engineering have?
A) 10
B) 6
C) 9
D) 15
C. The school of Engineering has 10 departments. LGO works with 7 of the departments:
Aeronautics and Astronautics
Civil and Environmental
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS)
Operations Research
How many partner companies does LGO have?
LGO has 27 partner companies. Partner companies include Amazon, The Boeing Company, Nike, National Grid, and GM.
Which industries do LGOs work in after the program?
Aerospace, Aviation, Satellites
Electronics & Software
Management Consulting
The industries that LGOs most work in after the program are:
LGO Fact
76% of LGOs changed their industry from before the program.
When do the LGOs start classes?

LGOs begin classes during the first week of June. The first semester on campus is the "LGO Core." You will take a mix of engineering and business classes, and begin the two year Leadership course.

How many of LGO's 7 engineering departments are ranked #1 in their field?
A. 2 departments
B. 3 departments
C. 4 departments
D. 5 departments
C. 4 Departments

Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Aeronautics/Astronautics, and EECS are all ranked #1 by U.S. News. Civil and Environmental Engineering and Bioengineering both rank top ten in the nation.
LGO Fact
Graduates have an average 67% increase in salary post-LGO
Which department originally taught Electrical Engineering at MIT?
A. Mechanical Engineering
B. Physics
C. Mathematics
D. Aeronautics and Astronautics
B. Electrical Engineering was taught by the Physics department. A new program for Electrical Engineering was started in 1882, and the department was founded in 1902.
MIT Fact
Course X (Chemical Engineering) has a research budget of about $53 million. Their largest sponsors are NIH, NSF, and industry.
How long has Mechanical Engineering been taught at MIT?
Mechanical Engineering was one of the original six courses offered when MIT started in 1865.
How many Institute Professor are there at MIT?
There are 13 Institute Professors at MIT. Institute Professor is the highest possible honor at MIT.
MIT Fact
Tom Magnanti, one of the founders of LGO, is an Institute Professor
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