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DC Trip

No description

Daniel Childress

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of DC Trip

Korean War Memorial The Korean War Memorial was made to honor those United States Armed forces who fought and gave their lives in the Korean War. Their are 19 statues that are 7ft 3" tall. To show the American diversity they have 12 Caucasion, 3 African Americans, 2 Hispanics, 1 Oriental, and 1 Native American. Lincoln Memorial The Lincoln Memorial was built to honor president Lincoln. It was one of several monuments that were built to honor a president. The design of the building was based off of Ancient Greek architecture. About 3.6 million people visit the Lincoln Memorial every year. The Newseum is a museum of news and journalism. This museum has the largest piece of the Berlin Wall displayed in any museum outside of Germany. It also has a tribute to September 11th with tons of articles on it and a actual piece of the twin towers. Newseum White House The White House is were the president of the United States lives and works. The White House has six stories the ground floor, the state floor, the second and third floors and a two story basement. United States Capitol Building The Capitol is where the United States Congress meets. It is only 289 Feet tall and is only the fifth tallest building in D.C. Inside the dome or the Rotunda are eight very large paintings one of which is on the top of the dome. It is called The Fresco. A piece of the Berlin Wall. A piece of the Twin Towers. Inside the Dome of the Capitol. Museum of Natural History The Hope Diamond. What makes this diamond to be so interesting is the fact that people think it is cursed because everyone who has worn it has died after putting it on. The Museum has lots of fascinating information like what a giant squid looks like. It has over 500 million types of plants, animals, fossils, rocks, minerals, and meteorites. My favorite part of this museum was the insect zoo. In the insect zoo they had all sorts of large spiders, scorpions, crickets, beetles, and centipedes. HoloCaust Memorial
Museum This museum is here to honor the Jews who died during the Holocaust and to show people what horrible things the Nazis did to the Jews. Some of the workers at the museum are Holocaust survivors. WWII Memorial The WWII Memorial honors the 16 million United States Soldiers that served in WWII and the over 400,000 who were killed. Today WWII veterans are slowly passing away and now a few remain but we will always have the memorial.
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