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No description

Carly Rysdon

on 14 April 2014

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Transcript of Artwork

Renditions of Leonardo Da Vinci's Inventions
Artist Statement
In our art work, the math ties in due to the angles and shapes used in our work. If you look at the parachutes, and the wings lines, they make angles. We created one of his inventions on illustrator, the parachute, and wings. It was created because it gave whole new ideas to how a human could fly or float down from a tree or mountain. The plans he made for these items, brought inspiration to people over the years and now look at where we are at today.
The inspiration behind this was the inventions were so cool, because he was way ahead of his time. The fact that he thought up a parachute and a wings were so clever and his designs help push others to make these items and inventions.Some facts about our art are, that we made leonardos parachute! it was made with a wooden frame and canvas.
We put this design on a computer and added cool gradients and such as you can see. There are angles in both artworks, and triangles, and too. The artwork is very bold and out there because of the unique color schemes. Its a throw off of leonardo's designs, just with more color and design features. We just thought it would be a cool idea to make these plans that Leonardo Da Vinci made but put a modern design into it also. Thank you for listening.
Alternate Exterior
Same Side Interior
Angle 1 + Angle 2= 90
Angle 1 = Angle 2
Angle 1 + Angle 2 = 180
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