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Outokumpu Smart Packaging

Please contact the "Outokumpu" Customer Success Manager at annamaria.arapi-beno@prezi.com with questions or for free training

Prezi David Hooker

on 5 December 2018

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Transcript of Outokumpu Smart Packaging

Think big!

Start small!
Fail fast!
Learn Rapidly!

Scale success!
The digital economy is changing the way we work and interact with customers
Aspirational stretch
Explorative approach
A new approach to digital development
Workshops on Digitalization with Senior Managers and Young Digital Natives have provided a number of topics. Presentations given to various audiences inside the company have raised interest and awareness for the topic
Old School
Digital Economy
Produce products and services
Sales persons need
Organization as a closed system
Meet customer needs
New needs/substitute
Customer in the center of everything
The whole experience
An eco system
Future we
Future we
Aspirational stretch
Why now?
Approach the ongoing digital transformation in the world and trends such as IoT and big data
Miikka Oinas
Patrik Lindberg
Magnus Norlund

Business Area Coil EMEA
Outokumpu Avesta Works

Date 23.3.2016
"I skate to where the puck is going to
be, not where it has been."
-- Wayne Gretzky
Why FutureLab?

Net Promoter Score survey input

Our first assumptions for what customers might want:
We want to explore the opportunities to make our package to the customer ”smarter” through digital soultions.
General and static data for one specific grade e.g. welding, forming etc.
Decided to explore QR technology and tracking devices possibilities:
Starting points behind the idea of the smart packaging
Property of Otokumpu Stainless AB
Please return to:
Patrik Lindberg /P11
Otokumpu Stainless AB
Bergsnasgatan 11
P.O. Box74, SE-77422 Avesta
high performance stainless steel
If you have any questions, contact me!
Patrik Lindberg

Existing technology which works globally
Tracker GPS+GSM
Easy to create and possibility to scan with smart phones (free apps available)
Possibility to create and print free
Separate label printer with ability to print QR codes was in the plant
The actual webpage could be modified to meet the expectations
Selection of pilot customers
Consulting Avesta Commercial representative to select the customers
Order placement
Order acknowledgement
Packaging and dispatching
Transport with online tracking
Product arrives to Customer
Customer starts to use the material -> scan the QR code
QR code displays the webpage with material information
Information about Welding, Machining, Certificate etc.
Creating a prototype
For two different QR codes
Both QR codes for the prototype webpage and for the blind tests were printed with a separate printer
Piloting and testing prototype on customers
What have we learned?
Personal learnings
Lot about different technologies
Customer learnings
Technology learnings
Iterative and fast project learning
Testing new things
Lots of technology to choose from
What's next?
Cooperation with start ups for full service
Implementing the QR code printing as a standard possibility at the packaging line Picture
Decision needed if the QR code will be for premium customers only or for every customer
System knows to print the QR code on the “original” label with packing ID to connect the right certificate + other information for each package.
Estimate the time consumption and resource to build the final QR solution
Estimate the time consumption and resource to build the final tracker+API solution
Possible ways to move forward (different options)
Future developement ideas
In overall the feedback was positive from all the customers.
First feedback from customers

Contacts take lots of time to arrange
Lots of technologies available
Creating the Outokumpu Future Lab is a way to approach the digital transformation on-going in the world by exploring and testing new concepts and ideas.
Mainly through project work and when needed in collaboration with external partners.
The ideas which make it through pilot stage should preferably be scalable and repeatable in order to bring value to other sites in the company.
We would like to find ways to share the information we have and make it more accessible to our customers
We are exploring new ways of working with digital developments…
Large survey for Outokumpu’s customers
Information about material properties is hard to access today
Workshop held in June 2014 on Digitalization
During the workshop an idea was presented that more focus should be put on customer experience through digital solutions
Earlier investigations on the QR code technology in maintenance in Avesta
To know more about our lead times; when the coil/plate is dispatched from the plant and where it is during transport
Specific data about the product with the packaging e.g. how to process our product and other data in easily read digital form
Other information such as certificate
Info about when the coil/plate is dispatched from the plant and where it is during transport by GPS tracker
Service provider near Avesta location
Available to everyone in numerous places
Introduction presentation was sent to customers
Three customers agreed to collaborate with us
Leimvigh-Müller, Denmark
Svedrup Steel, Norway
Outokumpu Service Center, Italy
Visited one face-to-face and two were met in an online meeting
One for the selected customers displaying a webpage with special material information Creating QR codes that lead to the webpage when scanned
Together with internal partners
Using existing information in Steel Finder
The right material information was connected to right customer by package ID number.
The other for blind test customers displaying an introduction video about the prototype webpage and short survey
Idea was to test do the QR codes on the package raise an interest among the customers to scan them.
The customers were not informed beforehand.
The customers were selected from northern region of Europe to have possible feedback rather fast.
The customer information for seeing who has scanned the QR code was based on customers’ order number
The webpage analytics was arranged to see who and where was scanned the QR code (= maybe showing some statistics)
List was updated daily and modified in excel to be able to print large quantities at one time
Stickers were attached on the packages manually either in packaging line or in dispatching terminal on the package cardboard or coil plastic wrapping.)
Trackers were installed manually in dispatching terminal for the special customers
Dispatch terminal personnel informed us the orders about to be loaded to the trucks
Device were attached on the top package to have best signal possible
Tracking information was sent to the customers through email
The return of the device was agreed to be handled in the customer end.)
Working in projects
Feel sometimes anxious when new stuff comes fast -> need time to think about things through
Blueprints/user journeys/Methods
Departments terminal, packaging line
All customers have their own needs about the information
Tracking could be optional service
Excited to see development in this area in this kind of industry.
Considered as an interesting development in this type of industry
Need for more detailed information was recognized
Material properties, machining, welding, dimensions
Certificate, DoP
Would be valuable receive the information as soon as possible (when material leaves Avesta)
Tracking was seen interesting
Suggestion was raised that it could be an optional service for customers
All customers might not need the exact online location but the knowledge about material dispatch could be useful
Push notifications could be useful to prevent the online checking all the time.
Some of them are little bit old already
What to choose depends on the scope, price, use,
For many services the start ups are the ones to work with
Many options for commercial use but few are possible to adapt in to heavy industry
Some changes needs to be done for the machinery/system to work automatically
We learned that Geofences could be used to estimate the time of arrival
The tracker was able to send signal even when it was in the middle of the packages
Sometimes little chaotic
Timetable needs to be in the center of everything
Customers’ activity challenging (might not be their first priority)
Interesting to explore new opportunities
Usually the technology is not as simple as it seems
Connecting new and existing devices, programs and automation is easy for prototyping but not when building the full scale
Create an
to provide the customer specified information in one environment
Include tracking possibility
Include push notifications from tracking etc.
More secure environment compared to webpage (each customer gets login information)
Implement QR reader on app
Develop a possibility to have the tracking option selected during the customer material enquiry
Information needs to transfer to the loading lists
Suggestions from team
Continue in larger scale
Contact more customers, especially end customers to receive input from them
Develop an app (all information in the same place)
1. Who?
2. Why?
3. How?
4. What we have learned?
5. What’s next?

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